Top 3 Funniest Adam Sandler Movies


1. Happy Gilmore

Happy Gilmore
Happy Gilmore

No need to speed his films. He can not top this one impossible if Eddie Murphy can perform a sequel. Why can not Sandler?
Universally, its people’s favorite Sandler film, and that I get it. It’s a plot that’s conducive to conditions that are comedic.
Sandler plays Happy Gilmore.
Though Adam Sandler can not act very well (he behaves dumb in a number of his movies, especially the more recent ones), there do exist decent Sandler movies, and that is one of them.

2. Billy Madison

Billy Madison
Billy Madison

This Film Is 5 By Adam Sandler Must Be Amount 2 Underneath Gilmore
Vote! Everything about this film is amusing if you can not estimate this picture than you might as push your car over a banana peel, then Eliminate control and push off a random cliff (;
Sandler plays with a ne’er do-well who wants to return to college to eventually become the owner of the business of his dad, Billy Madison.
The hell? This film has so many fantastic scenes. This veronica Vaughn is 1 part of ACE! Haha, YouTube that, and you’ll laugh guaranteed!

3. The Waterboy

The Waterboy
The Waterboy

Sandler plays Bobby Boucher, a waterboy, who becomes a soccer star by taking his anger out about the ballcarrier.
When it was a comedy what Forest Gump would be
Like when viewing Gilmore should be number 2 in my eyes, then I laugh loud while out by myself.
Momma says this film is hilarious! One of my soccer films!


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