Top 3 Football (Soccer) Clubs of 2014-2015 1

Top 3 Football (Soccer) Clubs of 2014-2015

1. FC Barcelona

FC Barcelona
FC Barcelona

This the best club since has been proven by them by winning UEFA champions league, la Liga, and Deal del rey
Fc Barcelona type of drama is beautiful that they create the other team’s defense move mad
I was born in Barcelona, and it’s the best they have a wonderful group, and also, this approach is your best. They’re the fantasy team. In precisely the same season that they won the Copa del Rey, champions league, and La Liga. They are the only club which has done it they’re fantastic!
How to work for each other they’ve set the standard for what staff ought to be like, and they celebrate with one another.

2. Real Madrid

Real Madrid
Real Madrid

To be truthful, I think Real Madrid are only better? Perhaps not by skill but plan as well they have tones of players that are great and rich so they ought to be better compared to Barcelona
Ronaldo stop hogging the ball allow Benzema have a move
I think They’re the best team on the planet for being 10-time champs of all UEFA
This the best staff on the planet

3. FC Bayern Munchen

FC Bayern Munchen
FC Bayern Munchen

As they are excellent Among the most underrated clubs. Till they become poor Bayern Munich fan
Team with celebrities is currently moving in a few years they are the best!
This group is great
Bayern Munich performs with the best football right now. Following two years using Pep Guardiola and two profound setbacks in a previous couple of years from Barcelona and Real Madrid, Bayern has increased more and is currently in the place to tie at this Jupp Heynckes (2013) has begun. Bayern has the group of the planet. About the degree, two or three players are in each position.

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