Top 3 Dead Memes 1

Top 3 Dead Memes

1. Harambe


A harambe was seen by me and Because he died
Among the worst memes.
Harambe Harambe, I am glad he expired. Harambe Harambe, let us see what is inside.
He died twice

2. Doge


P.S he will assume the planet in 20 years due to my firm – doge community
He’ll never perish in my heart.
I miss doge, he died that I was born, if I was Born or was Born?
I Rest In Peace.
He’s dead, but not in our hearts. We are doge

3. Uganda Knuckles

Uganda Knuckles
Uganda Knuckles

As it’s funny, I enjoy this meme that is lifeless, and they made it fresh with Uganda Knuckles.
No, it’s dreadful.
Whoever likes this garbage isn’t currently catching up with all the trends.
Whoever enjoyed it does not have any preference at memes. There’s not any comedy in Uganda knuckles.
It’s outside that is lifeless. However, it lives within my heart. Pay attention.

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