Top 3 Cutest Pokemon

Do you love Pokemon? I belive that you like them because of their cute. Now, we give you top 3 cutest Pokemon in this article.

1. Eevee


Evee is Top 1 cutest Pokemon in the world. She has brown and smoothy feather.

Some comments about her:

– Eevee is Undeniably the most adorable small pokemon on the market. Nothing could top that little chunk of fluffy cuteness:’)
– Eevee has to become a pokemon that has been created for the intent of being uber adorable. I swear, the Individuals who design pokemon have to have sat down and moved, “fine, let’s make a pokemon that everyone will proceed aww at!”
– I see where you are moving, although that is pretty much precisely what Skitty was for.
– Eevee is the most adorable look at it, so and fluffy people are stating that her coat makes it nasty, what’s up with this?
– I concur that Eevee is Certainly the most adorable pokemon out there could top that chunk of cuteness.

2. Pikachu


I guess that everyone love this pokemon. He is very strong and cute. We vote him in top 2 cutest Pokemon.

Some comments about her:

– Pikachu is the thing that I mean what is greater.
– I believe that Pikachu ought to be number one since its amazing. He the most adorable on the initial episode
– Why do you inquire, Pikachu is the amazing Pokemon on the planet? He’s loyal, courageous, kind, intelligent Since he’s been my favorite Pokemon, and also, the best thing about is that he will never give you up. Through time Pikachu has learned motions like volt handle iron tail and ball. He has gotten much more durable, quicker, and more economical as being adorable in addition to a battler.
– Oh gosh, Pikachu is the little ball of power ball EVER that is deadly!
– Ah the surface of the jerk and cuteness if he was met you have to believe he’s adorable their Pikachu haters, but it’s adorable and sweet

3. Mew


The top 3 cutest Pokemon is Mew. He is very strong and powerful.

Some comments about her:

– Mew is among those fictional species of monsters from Nintendo’s and Game Freak’s Pokémon media franchise created by Satoshi Tajiri.
– Mew is my no.1 fave pokemon, and it would be overloaded by Mew with cuteness when there was anything for a cytometer!
– Mew is adorable understand it’s ultra-powerful mew should be placed by them as a non evert pokemon within the games.
– Mew is irresistible for everybody who sees it when they hear it!

Here are Top 3 cute and beautiful pokemon in the world. If you like them, please share for us. Thank you.

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