Top 3 Christian Rappers


1. Lecrae


He is the co-founder of hit records.
Lecrae is the best Christian rapper on the market. Scripture is placed by him alone, and the stream is off the series. It does not get much better’Crae
No rivalry. Lecrae owns everybody on this listing. His tune Transformers is lovely! I’ve not ever heard of those fools Lecrae song was never discovered by all of must have he’d be number one.
Man! This dude is way too cool! He’s supposed to be the amount 1st Christian rapper! This man can rap better than Lil or even Eminem Wayne!
Good, I enjoy the mild tune function you did an excellent job.

2. NF


I adore your songs. (Though, I do hope that you come out with much more ) please don stop. You’re an inspiration for everybody. My song is fantastic. First off, it made me fall in love with secondly and you, you get for composing a song a heart. Thank you. If anybody reads this, it lists the songs of NF. Your life will be changed by it. Thanks
NF is a monster. He’s made the most significant impact on my experience, the artists out of all I’ve ever listened to. He is not afraid to be profound and real. He also raps about ways to conquer them, and the things in life. He is. Eminem is not even close to being as high, although people today attempt comparing him to Eminem. He has content that you may relate to. He is rapping for fame or money. He does. Because he understands he not everyone likes him because he’s real and does not sugarcoat the way he feels, he is open about his difficulties. You want to In case you haven’t heard him.
He’s also a rapper and a Christian, not a rapper you will
Quite touching and compelling songs.

3. Andy Mineo

Andy Mineo
Andy Mineo

This man can rap! Listen to his: personalities available…
Andy Mineo is your cure if. Does he send the word so everybody can know it, but I received my friends interested? I like this dude!
I love yer tune once the saints come marching in, how can you rap clear and so quickly?
If you’re looking for quick rap, andy is fantastic, and a bass that is incredible kick Togo using all the Andy is the very best. He also provides a fantastic message.


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