Top 3 Boybands In Asia


1. SM*SH – Indonesia

Top 3 Boybands In Asia 1

Smash it to Love Songs boyband Indonesia, Love his boyband
I like SMDecision SH…
Always and constantly,
decision SH function as motivation.
decision SH so famous in Indonesia
SM*SH is a primary boyband Indonesia after longtime Indonesia does not have any boyband.
SM*SHBLAST always encourage you SM*SH
WE LOVE YOU:-RRB- till when ever
SMASHBLAST perish! The one boyband which Charming, Charismatic, Fantastic, Glowing, Specta and Wonderfull
Sm*sh! You are the best boyband in Indonesia. And if you are the king

2. Super Junior – Korea

Super Junior - Korea
Super Junior – Korea

Founded in 2005 by manufacturer Lee Soo-man of S.M. Entertainment, the team included a total of thirteen members at its summit.
Junior is loved by me, they make something fresh and brand new.
To describe super junior isn’t so simple… Simply by looking at them you feel their heart and love for their fans and work. Members are a legitimate illustration of enthusiasm and hard work. They’ve been through a lot… Each of these. And return on their travel that’s so filled with expertise these super boys had! … Try as I will the love for Super junior isn’t readily explicable… No words are sufficient… Their music makes me go, their dancing makes me groove as well as their characters make me fall for them every moment. It does not matter what this record or tens of thousands of others have them on, for me is your best… Not only in Asia but in the world… I simply can’t wait to watch them completely after their army provisions

3. Arashi – Japan

Arashi - Japan
Arashi – Japan

They’re so cool, humorous, multitalented
They’re so amazing for me
100% original, not plastic… Always utilize their gift Not Just the look, but also their mind… Love you
Arashi what about them, all of the way all of my life is simply amazing, if you are intelligent Arashi should be your decisions
Arashi is the sort of group which is real friends for life, unlike other classes that just show their”camaraderie” throughout a series. They have wonderful chemistry, are all-natural, and is a true group. Each member has lots of abilities and characteristics that are different than when united to make a special group. There’s Nino who’s a Hollywood celebrity who will write music, write music, artist and a gamer who has won an acting award in Japan. Sho is your idol, the group’s rapper, who is a newscaster within their nation. Ohno is your Leader, singer and the dancer, who’s an artist and had his display of his masterpieces. Aiba went throughout the world, and is recognized to get his love for creatures.


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