Top 3 Best YouTubers


1. PewDiePie

He’s best known for Vlogs and his Let’s Play commentaries on YouTube. He’s famous for being the very subscribed-to YouTuber on the Web Site


I believe that all of the swear words and the controversies that are currently surrounding him, he’s pure in heart. His personality is just one of the best; he’s generous and kind. The majority of people confuse him to be a man because he’s swearing a good deal, but you may understand that he’s a fantastic man if you see his movies every day. He is, and he knows anxieties and the issues of folks, and their personality too. He also knows how to behave in front of adults and kids and acts appropriately. He’s also among the few individuals on YouTube who, even if did a mistake, admits he regrets it made a mistake and apologizes. He does not wear an act before the camera but remains although Soon.
Pewdiepie is a fantastic person. I feel that, deep. Not one of his movies feels false or forced; you could tell he is having a blast if he is scared he sounds scared when he is angry if he is having a blast, and he sounds mad. Plenty of people may ask”What is so unique about a man yelling in a video game and documenting it?” My reply: Do not tell me you never shouted in a game when playing with it.
He deserves being one of his movies are enjoyable though he makes jokes.
I don’t get why he’s so everybody claims he swears a lot and can be a bad influence for kids but is like 90 per cent of the world wide web and Pewdiepie has been swearing in their movies. I have heard people who have met his state he is one and I understand he has raised millions of dollars to charity. When he can mess up, he’s among those men and women who own up to it apologizes and leaves an attempt. I am aware that many Indians believe he’s racist because of some things he said, but I think they take things way to seriously and he said that he doesn’t encourage any racism whatsoever and he raised plenty of cash to contribute to Cry India. He, unlike a lot of individuals, have not let money and fame get into his mind. He has gained my admiration, and I believe that like 99 per cent of his haters do not understand who he is.

2. Markiplier

Initially, he started his career and is now located in Los Angeles.
Most of us have our views. However, I would like to mention Markiplier has rights to be greater I don’t despise Pewdiepie, but he’s somewhat repetitive now.


Where do I begin? Mark is magnificent. Do not get me wrong, I believe he is humorous and adores Felix, but Mark is better. His movies are always excellent concerning quality. Plus that he or she uploads. They are not all terror game let us plays (though I’d have nothing wrong with this ); there is also Try Not to Laugh, multiplayer games with his buddies (that are always a hoot), and unique projects like A Date with Markiplier, The Drowned Man, and a Heist using Markiplier. Mark does a fantastic job of being kind and frank for lovers and his readers. He provides them and thank them. He’s got a kind soul and soul because he does live charity streams. Life is much better with him, although the mark is not ideal.
He is such a funny man, markiplier makes me laugh, and I love him, I think he must take place, I am not a fan of PewDiePie. Mark is fond, where they repeat what they do, and he is funny today. Mark is making new things and never does precisely the same thing (unless required for some purpose but I don’t understand ). He never fails to make me brightens my day and grin, and he the real emotion of shoe, it is not faked are staged, but it is real, and I believe that is wonderful. That is my Ted Chat for now
I recall walking to my brother’s room viewing this man laughing off my ass and playing with brakes, such memories.

3. JackSepticEye

Jack is among the Best YouTubers out there together with Markiplier Who’s also amazing, jack is indeed devoted to YouTube and has not neglected to upload two movies per day for the past few decades, he cares so much for his supporters, and he is so humble and real unlike Lots of YouTubers he does not Allow the fame get to him and him thanks us every day to be with him every step of the way, Jack is an excellent man, and he brings so much pleasure to countless people every day, I think Jack needs to be #1 he deserves Much More compared to 59th area, though he will always be number one in the eyes of his supporters
Some, maybe not I annoy, although He’s excellent! And I believe he deserves three or two, by how I do not know who half of those dudes are


Jack is one of the best YouTubers. He’s charming. He’s such a person he lights up space onto a display. He speaks like my other YouTubers on this listing, with his fans like people. But he makes sure you reach out for his lovers with anxiety and depression and informs us that if he might never wholly comprehend precisely what we are going through, he will always be here for us that we’re able to think about him as a buddy always there to lean on. I like him.
He is joyful and so energetic! You wish to laugh or if you are mad about something, see Jacksepticeye!
I have been watching for quite a very long time and enjoying his movies. Make me laugh always he never fails to impress me. I must mention one was jse most funny home videos.


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