Top 3 Best World of Tanks Tank Destroyer


1. Waffentrager auf E 100

Waffentrager auf E 100
Waffentrager auf E 100

You may take it. And place 15 because of the coming of 9.15 upgrade
It’s not fast
Can kill any tank some instances two, clip
This item is OP; it’s a turret, extremely fast, 0.29 precision, and also a 4-round autoloader; every shot coping 750 damage.

2. Jagdpanzer E 100

Jagdpanzer E 100
Jagdpanzer E 100

Only a monster
When it warms the death star, it packs 1,000 harm. The JgPz E 100 has WAY better chemical worth, although the drawback is that it lacks the HESH that the FV will load.

3. FV215b (183)

FV215b (183)
FV215b (183)

This tank package’s a punch. It is a priority in a deathmatch. It does not have high armour, but it might bounce items and isn’t to be dismissed. You’ve got one opportunity when he/she fires. I have played for pleasure in training rooms, although I don’t have this. Be cautious about where you take.
There is a reason. And that turret armour will Find some bounces that are astonishing and is trollish
The most effective tank at the sport. It is AP bargains best of it all and 900-1500 damage apartment around, heaps HESH. It deserves the title’Deathstar’.


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