Top 3 Best White Rappers


1. Eminem


Eminem has sold, which makes him the bestselling hip-hop performer of all time.
Absolutely. I’m black, and I like em. Hip hop will perish If This legend moves
One of, if not the best rapper.
He is so great that when he releases an album, it is made by his number 1 on the charts. For what he can, I admire him a great deal! If MGK ought to be supporting Eminem in this listing at 15, I don’t know. He was especially considering his latest EP record (that was not his best attempt ). When I should choose a rapper to be directly behind the GOAT of rap, I would state NF. And no NF isn’t a copycat. BUT there are a few moments, but his personality is unique and can be powerful. I agree he’s better than EM and likely never will be, but he is the second number 1 white rapper if EM retires (when he retires). Since the audio market could break, I hope one day NF and EM would do a collab, especially since they have great lyrical talent.
Let’s be truthful was is a surprise. Selling 60 million records Eminem isn’t widely regarded as the best white rapper he is considered among the best, and most contentious, rappers of all time. He kicked the door down for rappers, not only underground or novelty functions.

2. Machine Gun Kelly

Machine Gun Kelly
Machine Gun Kelly

The rapper that has guts’ and ai not terrified of EMINEM.
Two of the right alongside every em of the enemy is better
This rebel is similar to my favorite rapper. He must go to the slammer for beating Eminem (in my view ). This dude is just like the rapper that is insistent, and by that, I am continuous. He did not do three phrase stanzas and would do with breathing. He is like my favorite rapper, but nobody provides recognition to MGK, who, in my view, is more gifted like Eminem. Yes, I agree that Eminem and Machine Gun Kelly possess their very own way, own self, personal rap approach. I, therefore, am no one else but themselves obviously, but I believe MGK assesses that more because Eminem is a very small little pertinent to other rappers of their 90’s. Still, no other rapper is like Machine Gun Kelly. Machine Gun Kelly (if you’re reading this remark ), please be aware that you’re special like no other and that I do not need you to modify your rap strategery in any way! You’re like Eminem stated, a”Rap God,” though I have not heard that
He must be number 2 earlier YelaWolf and Behind Eminem. He can invent very and has excellent stream.

3. Yelawolf


In his first years, Yelawolf published his first independent record, “Creek Water’, which premiered in 2005.
He deserves to be under ABOVE and Em MGK! What is meant by me?
I love Yelawolf, but I am voting for him instead of Eminem because he is more deserving of the 2nd place spot than”Weird Beard” Kelly
I can NOT vote. He remains to his origins, he did not move all Hollywood just like a lot of rappers do, and he is in the fantastic AL (automatic points). 10/10 awesome. Only people with this list Which MMaybebetter than him (although I think it’s a tie, together with Eminem pulling ahead, however, he has been around the longest, so) are Eminem and MGK
Yelawolf’s the only rapper that has ever brought a tear to my head, and I have listened to Eminem’s”Mockingbird.” His trail, “Disappear” in the”Love Story” record, was first to work, unlike any other ninja I’ve ever listened to. His style is original and filled with enthusiasm. He makes my list any day’s very top.


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