Top 3 Best Tech N9ne Songs


1. Worldwide Choppers

Worldwide Choppers
Worldwide Choppers

Tech n9ne songs kills it with this Tune but then again he always kills he is the best rapper nobody Could touch his lyrical Ability or his Stream. He Utilizes the Wildest flows and his Pace is among the best he is the only complete rapper ever he’s the man.
This must be #1It has the 8 rappers in the world in 1 song. Plus is gone by every RAPPER on this tune! What do you need to do to be #1?
Really like this tune. Wonderful rap. Very fast.
Fastest rappers living That’s unbeatable and all come together

2. Am I a Psycho?

Am I a Psycho?
Am I a Psycho?

It was killed by them.
This tune is epic. Matter is indeed something about it only pulls you in and leaves you wanna place it
Tech is fantastic I like this tune. However my favorite.
Tech n9ne in his entire potential.

3. Dysfunctional


By far among the tunes by technology, he spits the shipping is tight as consistently and he believes. Nobody can touch him lyrically He’s been high in my list for Quite a While personally and except for Eminem or possibly Rakim It is my view that technician is GOAT to me personally now
This is one of my favorite tech nine tunes. This really is a
This is. It is what caused me to a tech


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