Top 3 Best Team Fortress 2 Classes 1

Top 3 Best Team Fortress 2 Classes

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1. Scout


Scout takes some skill. It’s not a class, as you’re running around and you are using skill when attempting not to get shot and you are the 1 shooting.
Scouts a dull class all you do is run and shoot folks a medic can perform his job.
It’s, Perfect together with his 33% more boost and double hop, it’s has to be the best class with his flight or fight alternative, together with 2 scouts in a enemy group, be ready for unexpected flanks from this child, even I want to say this, AND I LOVE THIS GUY, but his speed is just, I can not handle it. I am sorry Scout fan, but he needs a nerf.
I just got 7.9 hours TF2 (my first time playing) and I murdered MANY together with him.

2. Pyro


He/she is a Really strong class that counters soldier demoman and spy deflecting rockets and explosives and fire damage and burn can create it and will help the engineer enjoy defending the sentry.breaking that the sapper spies put onto it and has Plenty of ways to play with pyro such as combos flank and much more complete I believe pyro deserves the amount 2spot
This man is dangerous, but vulnerable. He has higher health damage and good speed. He deals most of his damage at close selection, but is also effective at coping damage-over-time using fire, something always easily accessible in his arsenal. He was initially meant for battle harm and ambushes, but that he has been produced into one of the most useful support players around the battle. His compression blast (costs 20 fire thrower ammunition) can signify projectiles (that mini-crit charges them retains their crucial charge when they were initially crucial ) and it may also douse fire levied by enemy pyros, or perhaps push players back (even if”ubercharged”). His homewrecker can destroy sappers at 1 hit, which makes him more powerful than engineers for destroying sappers. He is also capable to spy-check quite easily, as virtually any invisible or disguised enemy spies will be visibly set on fire if captured by a smart pyro.

3. Spy


Out of personal taste but spy and sniper are both strong classes when you exercise with them a whole lot.
Together with reward, ambassador, and ringer spy is unstoppable
Hailing from France, this sneaky traitor can sneak behind enemy lines, disguise as an enemy, then stab them to get a one-hit kill as soon as they turn their backs. With the assistance of his cloaking device, he could proceed slowly and invisible, as well as fake his death. He could also disable and drain engineer buildings together with his electro-sapper, along with his revolver packs a punch.
Can not imagine playing with any other class compared to Spy, most interesting by much honestly.

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