Top 3 Best Submachine Guns


1. Uzi


Mini uzi version is difficult to conquer at a rate of similar and fire muzzle speed. Normal uzi excellent
Safe. It is available along with the price of fire that ensures bullets are not used by your fast, although the ammunition is poor. While it might not be the truest smg, I believe that the”peoples weapon” facets outweigh this.
Size for certain. If you have one, you will learn it’s best.
Best gun I have held in smg it is everything rugged, reliable yells this should be at the 3

2. Heckler & Koch MP5

Heckler & Koch MP5
Heckler & Koch MP5

The MP5 is the weapon of the SAS. I loved western units. A high rate of fire and decent precision. Incredibly versatile.
Rifle. When sprayed fully automatic deadly.
Highly precise. Finest gun.
There is a reason that rifle is very, very popular. It is made by Heckler & Koch that is a quick, light. The army accepted gun requirements. It’s very accurate for an SMG.
Indeed a weapon that good in scenarios.

3. Heckler & Koch MP7

Heckler & Koch MP7
Heckler & Koch MP7

Compact speedy, although small round and may be used with one hand; Ammo can be hard to buy weapon which has array when curbed.
Best of the best!
What’s uzi #1 that which.
Gun used by the Navy SEALs.


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