Top 3 Best South Park Seasons


1. Season 8

Season 8
Season 8

Season 8 Homes a Great Deal of my favorite and does not have a weak episode
The season even kicks off with my favorite episode ever
Easily gets got the most episodes. Everything about this year, hilarious adventures of characters minutes, is topnotch.
Each one of the episodes, although all artwork well, is fine.
Almost Every episode is humorous and timeless in this year

2. Season 14

Season 14
Season 14

201 and 200 were my favorite episodes of the year. So much pressure, so much imagination and a lot of returns of older figures; Many especially Tom Cruise, Barbara Streisand and… (the best character in the series ) Scott Tenorman.
Easily the season. I love a lot of things about year 14. The two-parter that is 200-201 were specials. Do not overlook The trilogy that is a delight. Everything about this year is phenomenal among my seasons.
We must admit a great deal of year 14.
Fantastic season. We get to see more of Kenny, and we’ve got the buddies and coon show. How amazing is that?

3. Season 5

Season 5
Season 5

Every episode is fantastic; using all the one I did not have a curiosity about has been Best Friends.
From all so much, it has my favorite episode, Butters’ Very Own Episode. Additionally, there is Scott Tenorman Must Die. It and Fight Hits The Fan are also amusing.
Scott Tenorman Must Die, Fight, Butters’ Very Own Episode. Excellent episodes!
Introduced my favorite personality, gave Cartman his best installment of this show, got us prepared for Butters, gave us an episode regarding Token, etc.!
Lots of laughs, classics its south park constructed on, it’s to what it has become now precisely what direct the remainder of the show.


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