Top 3 Best Snowboarding Brands


1. Burton


I have ridden boards. I’ve got several boards is nearly 15 years old and is my favorite go on any particular day to plank. A Fusion I ride once the slopes are available since it’s only a rocket which cruises and purchased a Canyon, Two Custom X. Without a doubt, how Burton’s customer support was Through the decades with. I had new tow straps for my Procedure Bindings ( the older 3 straps). Burton delivered me straps free of charge with other goodies in addition to over enough toe straps. ( likely because the young woman had to find a supervisor to confirm Burton made System bindings.) So Burton is the board company. They have a wide variety of different boards for terrain and different riding styles.
Love Burton bindings and boots. Everybody in the household that rides uses Burton boots. Burton bindings are used by most. My expertise with their boards hasn’t been right. Had a Burton Troop. It was hard and quite stiff to turn when compared with other boards I have ridden. Not my favorite, although it was horrible. Higher speed turns were stable and somewhat easier to achieve, but turning in a moderate or diminished rate was quite tricky (so relaxed cruising was harder ). Bindings and boots are fantastic. Very reassuring. Super comfy. I can use them all day when we cease to eat, not take off them at the lodge!

2. Lib Tech

Lib Tech
Lib Tech

The boards which led to the snowboard picture of all time get #7? And number 1 is obtained by BURTON? I can see it has been voting. Understands lib technician is TOP OF THE LINE. C2BTX camber/rocker using HP technology, grip. Enough said, there is more sophisticated in the marketplace. Burton is the manufacturer that is better known. They are not ideal. I mean, you need to purchase burton bindings should you receive a burton board since their setups are not universal like state. Lib technician? I have a capita snowboard along with a lab technician with ride bindings. If I had made the error for a newcomer guy, I would be screwed! Folks, stop voting on crap. I understood that this was don’t occur. I should have stayed away from that one. It pissed me
Boards that are Greatest out down there, no matter, not a contest. Once I got better and older, I used to ride a burton board switched into a lib technician. I would never return to some burton!
A substantial number of boards by Burton are created in China!?
Is it so low? I am riding for 4 Decades, and thus far, it is the best thing.

3. Ride


They create the most and very best boards that snow has touched with.
They have a number of the very riders that are ingenious, and their board layouts are on stage.
I have tried all kinds of boards & in my view, Ride is! Unbelievably Wonderful!
I’ve ever needed


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