Top 3 Best Smells In the World


1. Fresh Air

Fresh Air
Fresh Air

At a room in your classroom for a single hour? I really like the feeling when getting outside from stuffy and hot regions that are hot walking cool breeze and only fine, well, fresh air!
Go to buildings and I get to move around a whole lot, since I school
New atmosphere is like stepping into paradise Once being in a room!
I fall asleep it will help me feel calm and at peace.
I take pleasure in the atmosphere. It’s lovely and airy. It makes me allow me to forget my troubles and feel lightheaded. It takes me.

2. Fresh Petrol

Fresh Petrol
Fresh Petrol

Not too much though… When it begins to grow as a habit, then it might result in brain damage.
I am happy I’m not! So many men and women call me”STRANGE” for enjoying new petrol!
It smells like relaxation and security, like town life. Construction scents like it that is the reason I wind up stopping and sniffing the air.
The explanation is the fact that it smells noxious but is not really. So there is the odds of reveling at risk.
Like the smell of gas, and the exhaust gases out of gas cars (without cat converters! )

3. Vanilla


No odor great that super imagines you are in a space with vanilla it smells good
Vanilla scents like…”what’s got be right” and”fireplace in the winter” and enjoy.
Vanilla is great that it is the flavor of yogurt I enjoy
It reminds me and’s reassuring. My grandma used to make these cupcakes amazing if they were baked. It’s such a soft and odor.


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