Top 3 Best Sims 3 Expansion Packs 1

Top 3 Best Sims 3 Expansion Packs

1. Late Night

The best expansion pack! I recommend getting this. Maybe you are a vampire! Additionally, there are new ways to perish.

Late Night
Late Night 

Undoubtedly the best match for the expansions. The programmers caught the city’s element when enabling simmers to get involved in many different new tasks. This expansion is life stages, and most of the others lack in something. Although because they’re treated as adults rather, adolescents have to research pretty much, nothing is added to your toddlers and kids. Aside from that, it gives a city fashion life combined with attributes as mentioned, such as celebrities and vampires, but also features like clothing and hot tubs. Centuries and this should you can afford two haves for match play.
Since it adds a bit of thing to your sport, it’s fantastic, it lets you proceed to dance clubs and be a vampire. Additionally, it provides you the capacity.
The night is the best since it provides you the number of outfits that are fresh in contrast to other expansion packs. It provides you with a flavor of a way of life and town life.

2. Generations

I believe as it is your life story, which you may tell, this game is fun. And you’re able to go to prom be Queen or king, play memories, send children to have imaginary friends. Ya, it’s enjoyable.


Generations are my fave expansion package (I have aspirations ( world experiences and late night). I like to concentrate more on household life in 3 in contrast to the career or heading out. So household life is expanded on by generations. I like the fact that kids can be scolded by parents, set out time. Currently, there are interactions before kids had nothing to do from the game; they could pretend to be kings/queens, play with the up dress, afterschool activities, have imaginary friends.
Additionally, sims have a reputation, so that I believe that makes the match more interesting. They have attracted back wedding parties out of two, but what is even better is that you could throw and much pleasure, bachelor parties, also spray rags bottles! This is essential-have if you would like to enlarge this game’s household life span!
I have fallen in love! Are you currently looking to enhance your people’s household way of communicating? Thanks, everything having to do with this, to Generations is improved!
Want to educate your teenagers how to drive a vehicle?
You have got it!
Desire a beautiful playground for toddlers and children to be taken to have a complete blast?
Yep, that is Generations.
Desire tree houses, slides, mini-playgrounds, and much more to be added into a Sim’s shop for you to get and possess in your backyard?
And not to mention that the doll your people can utilize to create Imaginary Friends with this they could see if you don’t make them real!
Among my favorite things about Sims 3 productions is the simple fact that there are far more choices in the interactions menu.
Last but not least, I love my adults possess their grandchildren to walk round and show their friends. I enjoy playing big households, so this expansion actually”enlarged” my match play in a sense which I always desired.

3. Seasons

I started my Sims Family out with a Woman Inside This Expansion Package. She was quite unusual, but she wished to begin a family. She did need to sit around all day and await death. So, because of the assistance and also as a young adult, she of University Life went into school. Throughout winter, she grabbed a cold, but she had to go to college. The boy she sat next to offered to return and make her some food that was wonderful, and noticed she had been ill. She agreed to allow over him.


He had been a beautiful and well-raised guy, and his name was Jonathan Peeler. I will refer to him as John, however
Anyhow, they hit it off, along with her cold went off after this dinner!
They began studying together in the neighborhood coffee shop, not mentioning that the feelings they had for each other although they understood they were there. Without saying anything, They went on day after day.
BEST. EP. YET. The season’s EP from TS2 was my favorite, and in my own opinion that the TS3 Seasons is as high! We get the weather! The game boasts the yield of body temperature, festivals and-drumroll please-ALIENS, and sickness vacations!
The drawback of this pack is that it does not arrive with a new city, but with this EP must offer addresses that.
This game is the best that I have all of the expansion packs except for unnatural and night, but this is fantastic that the festivals are enjoyable and the aliens will make meteors come anyplace! That is epic. Since I enjoy the noise of the rain, my favorite season is spring. But the seasons have something unique. You might have a celebration or gift-giving holiday, that’s my favorite bring festive cheer.
New Expansion and will be your best yet. Snow! However, I scare

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