Top 3 Best Shonen Manga 1

Top 3 Best Shonen Manga

1. One Piece

One Piece
One Piece

Epic story and likeable characters. It’s been in existence for 15 years, but it’s still going strong with no conclusion in sight. I, for one, will stick with the ending. It deserves to be the best selling manga ever in my view.
As my experience tell me, lots of shounen series possess the overall topic of”Nakamas”, but no additional series makes your shout about it such as One Piece. A must-see.
1 Piece is easily the best shounen manga. Its not your normal shounen regardless of what some folks can say. It has something which makes it distinctive and so charismatic that is difficult to describe.The story and characters figure out how to associate with people on a deep psychological level. Epic activity catastrophe, suspensful experience and hilarious humor mixed to make a through interesting and via masterpiece!
Best characters, best storyline, best significance… And its own and ADVENTURE pulling the kid inside all of us!

2. Naruto


I’ve followed the Naruto manga and anime series for so many years today, it has been a part of my life. First”Naruto” is just an introduction or prologue, not meaning it isn’t good, but just that after viewing the episodes when the key characters are just kids and enter Shippuden you understand just how mild the first was and the way it’s such as an introduction into the”actual start” at Shippuden (3 years later). As soon as you have learned the basics and also the start of the storyline has been set from the first you’re prepared for the best storyline. It goes straight to business, directly and storyline the farther you get in the better it gets actually. You later reach someplace where you don’t understand exactly what to expect, there are loads of plot twists, you may be considering something they create seem is the fact for the entire series and something could happen and its something else that you would not expect. It’s just like the genius
Among the best(the best for me really ) anime. Fantastic plot, unexpected twists, complete action-packed.
ThTheillers are somewhat annoying but as soon as you ignore the ones that you have to understand how awesome this anime is.

3. Dragonball (Z)

Dragonball (Z)
Dragonball (Z)

The most iconic shonen in history… It’s a classic which should be seen/read by everybody
I’ve yet to see someone who does not understand Dragon chunk (the manga is just Dragon Ball, maybe not’Z’) or the title Son-Goku!
Everybody should read that, just seeing the anime is not good enough. Plus this is the manga that affected all subsequent shonen manga
The reason shounen exists in the western world (hyperbole is used in this statement)
Fantastic story, Beautiful characters, Excellent fights and still to this very day among the best shonen ever composed

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