Top 3 Best Runescape Melee Weapons 1

Top 3 Best Runescape Melee Weapons

1. Drygore Longsword

Drygore Longsword
Drygore Longsword

Best melee weapon using 4957 points of precision, also harm of 1102, in RuneScape. You can get damage and accuracy when coupled with a dry gore longsword. This thing degrades over time and has to be fixed following 10 hours of battle. It prices 907,500 coins to repair this particular weapon.
Better than rapier that is twisted or a long sword.
I’ve 99 to all abilities, and I’ve 7 B, and I use this weapon for many directors and goblins that are ordinary. Goblins into OP!
Chaotic is nothing in comparison to this? Yet maul has harmed.

2. Bronze Scimitar

Bronze Scimitar
Bronze Scimitar

This Product Is amazing, you Can Not live without it, and It’ll help you Throughout your Travel, it’s overall and Cheap I Would say the most powerful weapon from the game, you won’t regret Picking the Bronze Scimitar
Flat place amazing! While I utilized this, no gamers could fit up to my ability
I’ve called my Bronze Scimitar”Swiper” I have built this kind of attachment how dependable and powerful this weapon is. I won’t ever go anywhere without”Swiper” I just feel so secure knowing whatever I confront”Swiper” will take it all down. You Require a Bronze Scimitar!
Inspirational description and evaluation that is sensible. I am thrilled to know that other people than just myself recognize its effectiveness.

3. Drygore Rapier

Drygore Rapier
Drygore Rapier

It hits large and strikes quickly. The only point is that it is pricey. It is recommended by me with a drugstore rapier since it two times greater
Stats as the sword, then it’s the sword is slash and stab.
Critters are feeble to rapiers than the sword so that they’re the better option, and are best among the.
So far better than claws that are!

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