Top 3 Best RPG Horror Games


1. Ib


I love this game contrasts with your own emotions. As an instance, if Garry expires, you are feeling awful. On the other hand, it will be due to some incredible personality development. After Ib was carried by Garry and rescued from Mary- his final departure forced you to fight back the tears after he expired. Nicely done.
The personality Mary puzzles me. I don’t understand who I enjoy more- Mary or even Garry. It was due to how mad she had been left by the gallery, while Mary did attempt to kill Ib. I believe that she did all those things that are evil. Also, I feel that Mary is. Like if Garry talked about the roses, she faked to change the topic – and it worked. Also, I believe the reason she provided the increased trade is from after she shut in on Ib he was cared for by Garry since she understood. She wins and sometimes used this. I do acknowledge it. She had been evil.
I love Ib! The figures were significant! This game requires a place within my heart…
SPOILER ALERT! (Incidentally, I’m not English so that I probably suck at writing these kinds matters in English)
The game has been at some stage, and some components were gloomy. I felt horrible when Garry expired in one of those endings. And at the end” Promise of Reunion” (also called”The real End”), I cried Garry did not recall Ib for an instant. When he recalls Ib, I had been crying due to joy. That part has been wonderful, and as you could tell, I cried a great deal.
Garry has been the best personality. He strove to shield Ib if he got frightened. He had been friendly and kind. The area in which Garry took ib when she fell was heartwarming and adorable. Garry was enjoyed by me before that after that moment, I had been in love with him.

2. Mad Father

Mad Father
Mad Father

Mad Father. It was I finish the way the end moved. Usually, it’d be the other way round since the character had heard that the moral of everything which occurred, but rather, she follows in her spoilers* footstep. You might not understand before you have played the sport, what I am talking about.
The sport has a great deal of simple puzzle along with the adorable little couples were just beautiful.
Mad Father has a beautiful storyline and scares that are incredible! Yes, my favorite!
This match is pretty good I enjoy the ending that is a valid reason, not every hero live happily ever after and need to had a Fantastic end
My horror game. Wonderful vibe

3. The Witch’s House

The Witch's House
The Witch’s House

The puzzles are enjoyable. The deaths are somewhat intriguing. It was quite frightening! The end is cold. It does not induce the narrative a great deal if it ties inside. It relates very well. Great twist. I would urge for sure! I’d recommend it to folks who do go for RPG Maker games in case you are not damaging to creepy things.
Oh, and to get a pixelated game, it is gory but a pixelated game. I have seen much worse for sure, and terror game lovers have.
That teddy bear idea
I liked it


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