Top 3 Best Rock Bands of All Time 1

Top 3 Best Rock Bands of All Time

1. Led Zeppelin

Led Zeppelin
Led Zeppelin

Led Zeppelin has been a British rock group formed in London in 1968. The group’s thick, guitar-driven noise, rooted in blues and psychedelia in their early records, has made them fame
I think after going through quite a few lists which the youthful have more to say compared to the team who may not even venture on a computer. There’s a top 5 with no doubt, not in any specific order, and they’re Led Zeppelin, Beatles, Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd ( I never knew their popularity, but It’s there just the same ) and also the newest member to the to set AC/DC.
Groups shouldn’t be considered unless they have been loved worldwide and have been around for a long time with very little change and continue to have the ability to control high place sellouts and, in many instances, if not enormous radio play compared to top radio petition. Many great rings that are fantastic are biting in the doorstep of the 5.
I like these lists, and they maintain enormous interest, and although you won’t ever get it just right for everybody, they do make for good conversation.
Pink Floyd warrants number 1 place, along with the no.two is Led Zeppelin.
They’re mythical and formed the backbone of what”hard stone” is described as now. Jimmy Page is the core and soul of Led Zeppelin and was. They deserve their place.
I like Stairway To Heaven and Lotta love, but Led Zeppelin is overrated, I do not enjoy it, although I could see they’re quite a band, I believe it’s just me.
The Hard Rock originals Led Zeppelin! Of aches me, Type. And Metallica does not deserve this number 1 place. I’ve heard Queen Black Sabbath, The Who, Beatles, AC/DC, Metallica, but none possess this elegance in ideal songs Rock Music Guitar riffs drums along with the lyrics. I’ve been a lover of above mentioned Rock Bands at times, but getting hold of Led Zeppelin records made me a lover of those. Also occasionally, I feel ashamed that these years I was listening to ordinary to run-of-the-mill rock tunes (My Pre-Led Zeppelin years).
I don’t know Led Zeppelin is. The Beatles deserve # 1. All their great songs ripped off.
The utter, flexibility and total control of the instruments played with, as well as the chemistry between those guys made for an explosion of atmosphere sound, understanding and absolute genius. The simple fact of the matter is, Led Zeppelin did what no one else did: without releasing any singles, not one at 29, they sold millions of records. Their songs stood over every album as a complete; every record was coherent, it had an idea behind it, and everything and whatever was geared up to this idea.
And a guitarist such as Jimmy Page’s genius can’t be underestimated. Today’s “high guitarists” took the tips of Page, Clapton, and the blues, jazz, and countrymen that came before and only sped up to them, added a result pedal, and also called it innovation and style.
That’s where the innovation is now at.

2. The Beatles

The Beatles
The Beatles

The Beatles have been a British rock group formed in Liverpool in 1960. The members consisted of Paul McCartney, John Lennon, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr. They were referred to as the stone era’s most powerful and most influential act.
It appears since I see Metallica is your very first, I had been born in the incorrect generation. The Beatles is an incredible occurrence in music history, a legend.
You need to believe that you “born in the wrong generation,” at least you can listen to this and brag that you’ve got exceptional music tastes.
This group started music with no Beatles. The planet would maintain depression.
I think That I’m born in this generation as the Beatles is excellent, folks are moving after a person or Metallica.
Although it’s nowhere close to my favorite band, the simple truth is that it warrants number 1! Perhaps I did not fall in love with their songs or enjoy it as much as everyone else, however the next and record sales and the entire”Beatlemania” literally took over the world as a whole for the years that they had been in existence!
Rolling Stones ought to be number two! They are, Though I despise the majority of their tunes! They also have countless hits, although I enjoy ten songs of theirs!
Led Zeppelin – 10 years – 9 records – 200 million albums sold, they might have been smart bastards and ripped away from everyone, but I am glad that they did – stairway to heaven – a masterpiece!
Pink Floyd – my personal favorite, over 250
It isn’t important how many records they’ve sold. We rank them according to our taste and not they’re

3. Pink Floyd

Pink Floyd
Pink Floyd

Pink Floyd has been a British progressive rock group formed in 1965 in London, England. They attained international acclaim with their psychedelic and innovative songs.
I think Pink Floyd ought to be at number one. The combo of both Waters’s theories and lyrics and Gilmours guitar/vocals (in addition to the excellent musicianship of both Rick Wright and Nick Mason)made a force that creates Pink Floyd addicts for this day.
There might be a weak tune or a tune that needs to be thought to know, but not a lousy theme”. This is only one of those few bands that haven’t published filler’ album.
Metallica at the very top? What a disgrace… Pink Floyd is easily among the most influential bands ever, with a few of the biggest fan bases of any group.
The Beatles are the best rock group in history, but I was horrified in the greatest’s area that I needed to place my vote—the best innovative rock band. Dark Side of the Moon is the best album ever, which contains Sgt. Peppers (that does have the very creative use of this studio, but the tunes themselves are not as high as on revolver).
One should be gone by it. Beatles 2. Side and Pink Floyd is the best album, and Revolver is my favorite Beatles album. You read my thoughts.
It’s merely reasonable to put Pink Floyd in place. Let’s take this. I consider Album earnings the standards and capacity, While I decide the best bands of all time. Although some rules are far more than many others, however, let’s look at this.
Queen’s dang high earnings.
Metallica had high album sales.
Pink Floyd’s Dark Side made album sales, and all of the records after Dark Side Put in the Billboard on the Best . 4 of these were 1.
Zeppelin replicated many of the tunes almost accurately from past artists.
The Beatles attracted British Pop into the US and the rest of the planet, but it was a British variant of what folks like Elvis already begun.
Queen needed a singer who made them first. They seemed
Pink Floyd is the most potent band of all time & your number 1 Rock ring.

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