Top 3 Best Rappers of All Time


1. Eminem


Eminem has sold, which makes him the bestselling hip-hop performer of all time.
Best stream, best lyrics, best beats, best voice, singing, the best rapper he’s the best artist. Both of his characters, Marshall Mathers and slim shady, are excellent to follow. He’s for whatever mood you’re in a song, Should you Want to get pumped up a tune to Collapse forever.
I concur with this remark. HOW?
Em is ready #1. His first three books (sslp mmlp and Eminem series ) showed rap lovers a fashion never heard previously. Wordplay and his metaphors are mad, and his lyrics are the best. He was the first rapper to blow off from the scene, and he talks unlike the rest of the mainstream rappers and Wayne. The sequel that is hell is currently begging na be mad!
The life of Eminem left him who he is now. Once I listen, he reminds me of a biggie, pac & Rakim, among the greatest ever and the best rapper alive.
Do they remind one of Tupac and biggie? How are they like Eminem? But I agree I adored My title and Lose Yourself is. And. I thought My Mother was kind of humorous of a tune.

2. Tupac


Tupac sold over 75 million albums and continues to be referred to. 2Pac was
Enough said! Tupac’s a neighborhood dude. It will not get much better than that. Eminem is excellent, consented! To what type is assumed to be around, However, Tupac provides new meaning.
He’s just one of the greatest, honest, in addition to Gangsta rapper standing for the men and women who are afflicted. His lyrics, stream, and husky voice have motivated me, and he’ll be staying the no1 rapper until the end of the period… R.I.P. pleasant parish crooks…
I concur. Listening to the music of Tupac is like a journey. After he died, I started listening to Tupac some time, and I started looking to Eminem. Tupac treats rap as an art-form, not only entertainment. Poetry, not toddlers, intellect than humor. Even for amusement strictly in his casual tunes, he displays a degree of the gift. He has something real to say and is enthusiastic about.
Tupac will forever be the best rapper ever. Stage!
This guy right here has been the Emcee. He took the rap. Those of you are voting Eminem over his want to go because Eminem stated which 2Pac was the best songwriter ever, listen to 2Pac! 2Pac reached another level. He created audio about his conditions, but a culture and a planet and composed. The guy could recreate his soul into a form since it’s made by people in the ghettos, that the vast majority of the world overlooks. 2Pac place out his voice past individuals sharing his cultural and community heritage (he did so, however ); the guy unlike any other rapper before or following him recreated an adventure shared with everybody on the planet. As an instance, he raps about things such as being trapped, needing to make money to live, relationships, our universe.

3. Notorious B.I.G.

Notorious B.I.G.
Notorious B.I.G.

On March 9, 1997, that he had been killed in a drive-by shooting in Los Angeles, California at the age of just
His raps are genius, so you can envision what he is saying. Story to inform, hypnotize are his best
His raps are genius, so you can envision what he is saying. JUICY, EVERYDAY STRUGGLE is his best
He’s one of those only five Rappers who have attained Diamond.
Sorry, its Lil Wayne is placed above him. The Flow lives. Biggie was that which 2Pac was on the West Coast. Biggie published the Hip Hop Monsters” Ready to Die” and”Life After Death” and turned into a Hip Hop icon. He altered how an MC flows and stopped everybody in their paths when he fell his poetry on”Notorious Thugs” with the Bone Thugs style much better than they did. One of the beautiful storytellers in Hip Hop had about. It would have been number 1 in 1997.


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