Top 3 Best Pokemon GBA Hack Games 1

Top 3 Best Pokemon GBA Hack Games

1. Pokemon Light Platinum

Pokemon Light Platinum
Pokemon Light Platinum

The best and the ROM hack I have ever played with!
It’s 2 brand new area to explore and we can confront Ash it is a monster game
Some may say this one is the best, well I give it a few 3
Best from but desired is all and which have mega 7 gen pokemon

2. Pokemon Cawps

Pokemon Cawps
Pokemon Cawps

Dude it’s a man that wants to market his daughter
Liked it. It is different than that which I played games where you degree and catch up and conquer some coaches while quitting a team who would like to ruin the planet or 37, become a champ
I would recommend it for ages 13 and up. You struggle, rapists, murderers, thieves, etc.. PLAY IT!
Is good but not among the best I have played with I give it 4 stars

3. Pokemon Glazed

Pokemon Glazed
Pokemon Glazed

Pokemon glazed is the best match I’ve ever seen. Pokemon glistening have fresh area and 5 that match has every mythical Pokemon from area 1.
There’s SO much wrong with this game which I can not describe my views in this tiny area…
I could say that this was a Pokemon game that is fictitious. I loved the sport, found it much better. It is not as dull as Platinum is great, you can become Pokemon. The storyline is nice and placing and the individuals is wonderful. 5/5
I purchased this game a few years ago and have not played it because in the beginning once I got to the first woods I saved the match, and I attempted to escape and these men were blocking the way for me to escape and there was no method to go any further, I had been saving it just if I did not grab Mudkip. On the match turned back and I stored once I had been right beside mudkip and that I did not grab him and it would not let fight with him or me click on him. Whether it was the man who left my 14, I really don’t know I was disappointed with this particular game for motives. If anyone else has discussed pleases

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