Top 3 Best Pitbull Songs 1

Top 3 Best Pitbull Songs

1. Give Me Everything

Give Me Everything
Give Me Everything

Your feet, can’t stop tapping one
Beats are excellent and pitbull never discovered better and neyo amazing vote it amount 1
Undoubtedly this tune is the very best of pitbull strong; amazing; celebration song >>> this is the best of pitbull
& NE-YO he also do his Very Best >> nice tune
Enjoy your pitbull (Mr. Worldwide) you’re the best this tune makes me performing hip hop and singing it and therefore each one combines the bandwagon. There’s indeed… Much punctuality within this song. I think this song has a great deal of inspiration in this song. It is transcendent for me. Please vote men. Dania j

2. International Love

International Love
International Love

I adore this tune the first time I discovered this I only murmured this tune day that you can’t take this song from your mind out. The song’s music and lyrics – I love them. I like this song over’give what to me’. N Chris stones that are pitbull
The mix involving Chris and Pitbull Brown is simply to expire. Chris Brown does a fantastic job obviously what would you expect from Pitbull and from the chorus he is A LEGEND!
The tunes of Pitbull are loved by me, and International Love is the best song I observed later Give Everything to Me. I adore its lyrics beat, as well as the movie clip naturally. I played with this tune, After I type this remark. I Believe I am a drop in International Love!
I first heard this tune and it’s my Pitbull song.

3. Hotel Room Service

Hotel Room Service
Hotel Room Service

I Enjoy this Tune
This tune is much superior to many of the tunes, and the lyrics are somewhat more attractive than other tunes. This tune has the capacity of becoming No. 1. Give what to me is a tune that is superb, but the lyrics are boring.
Rocking tune its audio is among the theme sound on the planet I
Tune and I feel it is far better than the original. Nicole matches with Pitbull and matches the type of the tune.

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