Top 3 Best Operating Systems


1. Microsoft Windows 7

Microsoft Windows 7
Microsoft Windows 7

Windows 7 is your best OS from Microsoft I’ve ever experienced…
Very UI also best safety.
Very motifs.
Less virus sensor. An amazing display. Maximum attributes And a Lot More
I sort of man utilizing distinct variations of windows since 1986I pads, android and these. I bought a notebook reinstalled with windows with a chip and a touch screen. There isn’t much I can not figure out at a learning curve. I am the man everyone sees work when using a pc dilemma and goes, not by transaction by understanding. I am trying to work out. Windows 8, however, a burning method to find out the machine and find myself lost. I have my windows 7 disk in hand preparing to update from windows on this machine, and I say upgrade to windows 7 since Windows 8 is a catastrophe with no file management program as I understand it. Windows is such a change from previous systems, and I am a relic. Despite the 8.1 upgrades, I found it no better. I needed to put in a program to bring windows back into a functional system, but understanding It Is still at the ground I’ll kick it out and deliver my

2. Ubuntu


Ubuntu is a mixture of Windows and Macintosh. It looks like mac, but shortcut keys are comparable to windows. Great work. I love it
They should promote computers with Ubuntu pre-installed!
I like the OS, but the thing that so weak is it uses java iced tea and not java sun
But much better than Windows Vista
It rocks me. Windows os has nothing. Haha sorry to all windows users
A much better OS than Windows or Mac. It provides customization quicker, more secure, more secure, has less memory, and CHEAPER than either of its rivals. It has the best software license (Open-source for the win! ) ), despite what Mac Fanatics will state, Linux is the ideal environment for high-power computations. (There’s a reason most supercomputers run Linux)

3. Windows XP

Windows XP
Windows XP

The best operating system I’ve ever used, thanks to Microsoft,
It’s the best fastest operating system. It is Far Better than windows 8
This is the best for me seen.
As an ending XP user, I must say that this computer has not been a part of my life but may continue to function such for a little while. It is comfortable. It is simple. It is that old, and middle ground between new, early programs are run by it also it does not DO ANY BLASTED UPDATES EVERY SECOND. It is the King!
My Media Center Edition XP out of 06 is more lasting and runs much better than the notebook I got two decades back. The devil Windows 10 got with this listing to place is beyond me. I could determine peeps love it. The state new is better, but in a few instances. it’s not! (7 is fine though)


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