Top 3 Best Nightcore Songs


1. Angel with a Shotgun

Angel with a Shotgun
Angel with a Shotgun

It Is so Pleased to see That the top of the list with what Might be Described as nightcore filled
Very entertaining and frightening song. Conquer is trendy
Lyrics are trendy
The cover is cool
Deserves number one place
I think it ought to be
My preferred nightcore song.

2. Angel of Darkness

Angel of Darkness
Angel of Darkness

Legit danced to the while viewing quite a while ago to an MLP version.
This is the tune.
In case the number of viewpoints will be the same, this tune gained more likes than Angel.
This tune is positive and enjoyable to listen to, as well. suggest one to attempt to listen to this tune

3. Anima Libera

Anima Libera
Anima Libera

I Am listening to now lol
Beautiful though I don’t understand it
I like my mood cheers up
Its ma fave tune


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