Top 3 Best Nickelback Songs


1. How You Remind Me

How You Remind Me
How You Remind Me

Awesome Song
Hero Should Be 2 Or 3
This song is lovely. It informs the way we miss somebody. And the way the memories tell the story behind that somebody. I like this song so much. How I wish I could play with this in guitar!
The very first song I fell in love – got me hooked to Nickelback.

2. Rockstar


It’s a mixture of everything. It’s mad, it’s humorous, it’s amusing, but also, it informs someone to pursue their dreams and be substantial. Love NICKELBACK for this particular tune. Yay! Most beautiful part- lip-sync them nightly, so I do not get them incorrect…
It brings the rockstar in us out! It’s! You need to see it cause its distinct in a fantastic way!
Here is the Finest SONG EVER! They won’t ever make a tune better than this one!
On the way, things are from the audio industry, anthem.

3. Burn It to the Ground

Burn It to the Ground
Burn It to the Ground

Rock and Roll
Any person will like this tune at listening. It Energizes me every time that I listen to the songs. It is a rock tune that is complete, that is wounder.
It is a tune
Have some rock touch within it!
I enjoy Nickleback’s ring after listening to this tune.
I adore this song, although Ok, I might not be an enormous fan of Nickelback. It is energizing and so potent. Probably my Nickelback song ever


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