Top 3 Best Names for An Emo Girl 1

Top 3 Best Names for An Emo Girl

1. Jade


Jade is my title and that I was planning to go as an emo woman for Halloween and that I had been planning to change my title into something more emo for a character shift. Then I watched this and I had been laughing so hard.
My name is Jade, and I’m emo and miserable. Jade is a vampire- Jade Summer! Also, my name is Rayne, who’s also a vamp the rock that is Jade. I collect stones. Everything joins!
Jade may also imply That They’re cold-hearted or They’ve been hurt somehow by them selfs, or it is physically or emotionally by Somebody Else.

2. Raven


I love Raven. It brings out the night’s ness.
I LOVED this title and that I will. It’s audio that amuses my thoughts, this!
I have always loved its quite an identification and the title raven name this in an oc
This title is great! It is mysterious-sounding, dark-sounding, and its entire name.

3. Willow


My ex-girlfriend’s title. I am a woman, by the way.
It is a super high name for dark emo. I am a ten-Year-old woman, by the way.
I adore this title. It’s my preferred name, and it’s my dark emo first personality title!
I adore this title; this is my actual name. I am emo and me girls and boys.

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