Top 3 Best Movies About Jesus Christ


1. The Passion of the Christ

The Passion of the Christ
The Passion of the Christ

I adore this film. It demonstrates that He endured for our sins. However, I wish to tell every audience that, Love Him as a result of that love He suffered for us and because He loved us.
This pictures me. It visually and considerably through word depicts precisely what occurred. In all honesty, in research, the genuine horror of what Jesus suffered was outside what we saw in this film. but I’m not sure that they could rate a movie that has been some more accurate. Our SAVOIR. did more for us than any one person could envision. Imagine you need to endure whatever you see intentionally moving through each part of the pain. and suffering. even before he had been made to carry his into the place where he would let them pinpoint his body before being raised to its position. It needs to be each and everybody on this cross. This is a real MASTERPIECE… I want someone would please using the same strength in directing. Do a set of Jesus life. Birth through youth to his ministry for his closing action. Tried seeing a brand new mini-series on the History channel Achieved by a
I had and loved the film after seeing it. I feel he is the king of kings changes my perspective.

2. Visual Bible: Gospel of John

Visual Bible: Gospel of John
Visual Bible: Gospel of John

This is the Film on John’s Gospel far. It’s the word for word and acting. When Jesus stated told his brother that he wasn’t going into the Festival but went 29, was. The King James translation gets the term Nevertheless moving YET. Emphasis on the end.
The celebrities were anointed. Lord JESUS is LORD and your SAVIOR of the Planet.
Great movie! Love how the actor portrays Jesus’ personality
I believe that the celebrity did on this. Celebrity was nominated in the 90s.
Not searching for the picture, but the performance makes it up.
Enjoy it.

3. Jesus of Nazareth

Jesus of Nazareth
Jesus of Nazareth

He was able to take action, although HOW Robert Powell was able to make himself look like the Lord Himself isn’t known by me. We can not understand every part of Jesus’ character, and we can not understand what His setting felt like. However, this felt really true…
This movie is true to that which Jesus must have been like. Compassion, gentleness, goodness and the spirituality that Robert Powell jobs are spellbinding. In scenes such as the feast in Matthew’s home, in which Jesus tells the story of the Eight Beatitudes, also at the Sermon on the Mount, it’s similar to hearing and seeing Jesus himself talk. During the movie, the casting is good – I think of John Peter and Mary Magdalen; however, the components are played with absolute certainty. This is only one of the greatest films produced, by some criteria, and to get a Christian, seeing it’s a religious experience.
Here is the movie; it touches your heart.


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