Top 3 Best Movie Series 1

Top 3 Best Movie Series

1. Star Wars

Star Wars
Star Wars

Does movie brilliance is recognized by one nowadays? Individuals who say that the trilogy is mediocre do not understand what they are discussing. I did not need it to be, although Each of those films is a masterpiece, so I did anticipate Harry Potter to be No. 1!
Yes since the prequels are
Growing up seeing the Star Wars films as a child and being born in the 90s, I have been an enjoyable experience through recent years. I know people talk crap about the prequels due to their CGI, the aggravation of Jar Jar, and Hayden Christensen’s acting, however, you need to see beyond that and enjoy the films. Episode III is among my favorite movies of all time since it clarifies everything in 5, 4, and 6 occurred and wrapped up the prequel trilogy. Additionally, it featured the, which means you get all to see their possible before coming to an end once * spoiler alert * Anakin and the military slaughter everyone. The trilogy was excellent, and I believe it always poked nostalgia, particularly by attracting back Palpatine. I understand they said this could be the trilogy.
I feel the reason for Harry Potter is since the Harry Potter series has numerous films, folks voted. That does make it the best film collection. Do not get me wrong, I love Harry Potter, but I enjoyed Toy Story & the Lion King more. The Star Wars films are regarded as some of their best movies ever produced. They’d consequences that are special as their period.
Additionally, I feel like a lot of movie decisions like something is missing, give me a little empty feeling. It takes me a while to get it over. Even though the party scene after the sixth film was somewhat cheesy, an integral stage in conclusion, (I will not spoil it for those who haven’t seen the movie) made everything worthwhile.
Were to Begin using Star Wars! I mean this is undoubtedly the best film series of all time. The story behind each film is phenomenal. The characters, lightsaber battles, the story is Jar Jar!

2. Harry Potter

Harry Potter
Harry Potter

No picture series could conquer on Harry potter! Harry Potter is the best picture of the planet! Harry Potter has been operating for a decade and will be the best film ever produced! I like Harry Potter!
Even the Star Wars prequels were fairly awful in specific locations. Still, the prequels, in addition to the originals in addition to the sequels in addition to the stand-alone movies, aren’t more giant films. Still, they’re visually appealing and inform a more significant story. Do not get me wrong, Harry Potter is excellent, but with all the prequels, I feel that Star Wars is a good deal better.
Harry Potter is among the best films ever!
Two why not one so that it is 1, it’s shortly to be the holding franchise. More fans follow it to the T. Its publication sales are up to each word, and its narrative line is off the hook. Each evening, It’s a seat filler and can be sold out. It smashed at box offices. Thumbs up for this film all the way.
Since the four movies have been excellent, Harry Potter was hunted by me. The seventh and sixth movie wasn’t so great, but the narrative in the novels is among the best on earth. David Yates’s leadership for those movies took it, and therefore I can’t say it’s the best movie series, but it’s far better than Star Wars, which bores me. The Dark Knight is the best, however.

3. The Lord of the Rings

The Lord of the Rings
The Lord of the Rings

Yes, Harry Potter is much more useful than LOTR commercially, but seriously, it is nowhere near also made. Each film in the show has had some flaw, possibly in the storyline, acting, anything, and I go to the theatre although do not get me wrong, the films are entertaining. Yes, some gaps are plot, but Jackson and the crew were able to create. V) as well as the utter impact it left on society, but even after that, the more recent movies (especially Ep. In LOTR, the film was all excellent. They were not just entertaining fantasy images, but genuinely first-rate motion images
Lord of The Rings is only one of these stories, everyone. Whether you see the movies or browse the books, it’s one. In addition to Star Wars and Harry Potter, Lord of The Rings is the best.
Harry Potter includes eight films of pleasure. Each one has another job in the hand and warrants a place near the top (particularly with its big fan-base). The Godfather trilogy also warrants a higher position on the listing for its first two films are master bits, along with the third (though nowhere close to the initial two) still retains its own.
Together with all this apart, no picture series (any higher than 1) will meet with the victory that came with all the LotR trilogy. Every picture tells a story of the travel, fellowship, as well as friendship. For that is what LotR is. Travel, although not three films. When viewing every back to back, they are experienced.
Nothing negative is said about one of those three films. Said up to now for the majority of the movie. The Harry Potter series has evident” copies,” which are taken straight from the LotR.
The action composing and celebrity power the effects of knocking out you as Amazing.

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