Top 3 Best Monster Energy Drink Flavors


1. Original (Green)

Original (Green)
Original (Green)

Is the best vendor shirts when these are? COKE IS TOO STUPID TO FILL CASE PROPERLY UP when requested to purchase beverages. They fill the area with whatever rather than where ULTRA BLACKS must be When they don’t need you to proceed. Would you not need to market your beverages? I spend in your drinks over 100 dollars per month. You would think I could be able to receive them. The ones that are green stay there. You expect that the most crappy beverage provider in McDowell County to mishandle your drinks. Am I likely to have the ability to purchase ULTRA BLACKS, or are you going to allow another client to walk off? I buy at least two instances a month. Why don’t you anymore? I understand I’m one, but I know a whole lot of your clients I can influence to 1.00 spider beverages. They do not behave as they’re too goody to stock their Drinks and taste excellent. I’m a die-hard MONSTER enthusiast, but should I do without because of somebody
Here really is the best-tasting person in my view, regardless of what one I get I return to the one
It just has a high energy drink taste that is original. It comes in a can than you can with something like Red Bull, so that you may enjoy it. Don’t tell your dentist that you drink this.
Did exactly the monster at school a week of college I liked monster it’s great

2. Lo-Carb (Blue)

Lo-Carb (Blue)
Lo-Carb (Blue)

That is the one, although I have favorites. Sugar is a fantastic item in a drink, but you do not want in an energy drink. However, you need it, and that’s the reason I choose the Monster. Otherwise, it’s Ultra – Black, Ultra- Red, or an Ultra-Violet…
It’s the flavor of their zero sugar drinks in the Marketplace
Finest flavor with sugar that is low content
Sweet, using an energizing kick

3. Assualt (Red)

Assualt (Red)
Assualt (Red)

It tastes great, and many critters have tried. It is far better than my 13-year-old metal could a week, I drank.
The red monster attack is lovely! Drink it cold it tastes as well
Assault is your drink of my athletic decades. Once I was in 5th grade, I endorsed it. I had everything that I possessed coveted. That I do not even drink it.
It tastes as creature and cola blended. That is a fantastic thing!


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