Top 3 Best Mexican Soccer Teams


1. Chivas


I Believe this Group is Your one team that plays with Fair unlike America for there Decorations, That They Must pay
Atlas strove to do precisely the fielding Mexican players, and they were relegated to the 2nd branch. No staff can replicate Chivas performed for football to what
100 group for over 100 Decades
11 appeared to show to it
Dozens of historical players produced
Best youth group academy at Mexico
Yeah, no staff in the world could defeat that.
Though they have not won the league at a long time They’re far better than America because America is still a Lot of 31, I like and the Chivas

2. Cruz Azul

Cruz Azul
Cruz Azul

The group proceeded into Mexico City in 1971 to play in the Estadio
Cruz Azul is The ideal group, even though they have not been able to attain yet another name, they have been, nevertheless still among the most well-known teams in Mexico despite all the years that it’s not won a title since 1997 that is embarrassed, but it is a fantastic group, but they never continue to receive a name regardless of what, and the staff should not have a poor reputation from different folks, it doesn’t suck, all it is is that it has been hard to accomplish a name, but I trust they’ll soon, no matter what, I support the 100 percent out of my heart!
Though I’m 17 years old and have not seen them win anything (unless I play with my FIFA matches ), this group will be supported by me. They and they possess some of the greatest players in history and some tournaments in the past couple of years, respectively, so that it makes it up. Will celebrate like mad when they win the name that is Mexican.
CRUZ AZUL ought to be along with Toluca CRUZ AZUL Is Far Better than them and because they suck
By the years these staff and eight tittles come on open have been playing

3. Pachuca


Pachuca is an underdog in comparison with each of these teams that you will surprise.
Pachuca forever
The group that is successful globally.
The team in the entire world to win a championship. Enough said


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