Top 3 Best Macklemore Songs


Today, we will discuss on top 3 best Macklemore songs. They’re all the lovely songs. Let check it now.

1. Can’t Hold Us

Can't Hold Us
Can’t Hold Us

Top 1 is Can’t Hold Us. It’s the best Macklemore Songs.

Here are the comments:

– From every song he’s done, this one hits you on you would, to where each line is heroic and grand.
– Song of all time. This made me a fan of Macklemore.
– On This should undoubtedly be #2. It’s way better than the same love. The thrift shop is still #1 for me
– Out of every song he is made, this one has so much passion, at which when you listen, it gets your blood pumping.

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2. Same Love

Same Love
Same Love

Top 2 of best Macklemore Songs is Same Love. Lyrics is very beautiful and peaceful.

Some comments for this:

– That like the other Gender, and it shows us how It’s okay to be different, as it’s who we are an after all, from the Earth, at the Nice words of Mary Lambert:
– I can not change, even when I try, even though I wished to.
Number 3? Since that is what I left my parents to ear while I did this, I would’ve come out, – Truly odds are. This song has to be higher.
– It is so sad but at the same time. I Don’t understand what I am stating
– This song brought me to tears, so I am right but have had others of lifestyles as family and friends, I have always thought nobody has the right! How absurd to deny any love in a world full of bias, hate and racism! Love, joy, joy, compassion, peace and equality for this planet that is gloomy!

3. Otherside


The top 3rd best Macklemore Songs is Otherside. You will love this song.

Top comments:

– This song saved my life back in 1988. I time went and was sent. I heard this tune and chose not to purchase the boat, although I was planning to purchase a ship. I might have drowned! Anyhow should you sing it backwards then spell I researched the lyrics and realised! I’m writing this again in good! Thank you, Macklemore with this tribute to time vacationers
– This is not music. That is the inspiration for a lifetime.
Fantastic tune reaches into your soul.
– Has the significance narrative behind it. The tune is rappers influence kids resides and all about Macklemore’s drug dependence.
– This tune tells a story. It makes you understand what we will need to create and what is wrong in life. Medicines are a bubigs sue on the planet and kill people. Otherside is a tune. It is the best.

We just give you top 3 best Macklemore Songs in the world. Let listen and feel the beat now. Thank you.


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