Top 3 Best Led Zeppelin Songs


1. Stairway to Heaven

Stairway to Heaven
Stairway to Heaven

This tune makes you feel as if you’re in paradise
Its lyrics have something, a peculiar and powerful influence on me, something powerful! Those who have died without listening to this tune did not understand what’s fantasy…
This is much more than a tune, is a masterpiece. With these different segments, which increase tempo and volume as the song suggests, it’s “frightening.” It may be at any given position of 10 tunes.
It has a calm vibe, and it keeps building up towards the lonely, and Plant sings out his heart. It fits together. The stairway is your best song of all time.

2. Kashmir


Stairway to Heaven is a bit too sterile for the Led Zeppelin feel. This tune tops it. For those who haven’t heard Kashmir, Led Zeppelin hasn’t been heard by you. That’s my view.
You here this at least once every day on an ad or something like this, and it’s one of the tunes where it gets you moving kind of thing – you feel as though you could do whatever.
It is the top 3 for the most excellent song, but maybe not rock tune.
I feel this masterpiece ought to be at the very top. Brilliant song. Tops! In front of Stairway, but not by far!
This tune is my all-time favorite for sure, from Led Zeppelin. Live it better. I believe that one is a little dull at first, although it has constructed up to Heaven.

3. Whole Lotta Love

Whole Lotta Love
Whole Lotta Love

I want a lot of love. I lost my virginity. Best blues-rock masterpiece which made me breathless no pun
That area where the music starts up following the”unorganized” role in the center is the top 20 minutes of music ever produced. Period.
This is one of there four finest. This is only one of the most excellent guitar riffs of Page. I believe everybody missed by not placing this higher. Are Bring it on Moby Dick, Ramble On, and home. Those are the four there.
Among the most excellent riffs in history and Plant’s vocals are outstanding.


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