Top 3 Best Knife Companies


1. Becker Knife and Tool

Becker Knife and Tool
Becker Knife and Tool

Becker Knife and Tool. Maybe not only a knife manufacturer but among the very involved manufacturers on the market. Mr. Ethan was GREAT to talk with at events and shows. Down to earth and equates to their needs/wants and the customers. I will last until I run to purchase and have Becker knives. Not the blade on the current market, but dollar for dollar, in my view, the only best knife you may find.
Becker knives are an incredible value for the price. Fantastic, well thought out designs create them beneficial round the home, on a hike, in the campsite, or even in the area. The blades are razor-sharp hold up beneath abuse that is absurd and are easy to sharpen. The grips are a few. Awesome knives.
Easy to keep, customize, and great knives that are utilitarian. No case queens at the line! You will not be disappointed with some of those models/designs.
A guy who produces knives for a living, I suggest Becker knives for any outdoorsman who needs blades that are high but does not wish to cover customized rates.

2. Benchmade


I love knives. The blades hold up and that I barley sharpen it. So it’s always from my pocket and trimming something I used it. The handgrips are undoubtedly filled the very best on your hand, and they’re lightweight. I would encourage anyone out there for a Benchmade to go right ahead and invest the money!
Nathan Ford
Knives are a staple in my equipment, if at the hills or around town. Quality the texture and designs are second to none. I lost a knife, and it was a gloomy moment. I’ve tried plenty of different brands, but after I received my very first Benchmade. I have never felt the need to look elsewhere. My favorite is that my Barrage is comprising the AXIS Assist platform that is open. Your and one hand are all set to go. Brilliant!
The knives are somewhat shown but stated to be wholly helpful. From what I’ve heard, there’s nothing wrong about these. A few of their knives wow factor much surpasses that of cold steel and caliber. Still, affordability is not so good in many instances, so that downsides them the maximum for ordinary people so they’d be good looking and operate good but might be tough on the pocket.
I had an issue with one of the knives 580S Barrage that threw the help. It had been the next day, although not a severe cure. Regardless of it afterward, I transported it every day, and it served me well.

3. ESEE Knives

ESEE Knives
ESEE Knives

These are a few of the best knives at the 50 -$150. The blades include a superb heat therapy and are made from 1095 steel. The versions come in a selection of powder colors that are coated to help fight corrosion. The owners extend training and a superb discussion forum that covers different door activities.
ESEE is selling pieces of steel, although you can train a monkey to sell it and set an edge. A civilization is behind ESEE that compels individuals to flourish in environments and to learn more about the unknown.
ESEE knives are fantastic. Mike seems odd in a leather jumpsuit.
No firm with a product that’s inexpensive and tough and customer support.


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