Top 3 Best Grass Pokemon


1. Sceptile


Fastest bud Pokemon. It and attack resemble a gecko dinosaur. With a leaf blade, it is fantastic, and it can find stone moves to prevent fire kinds. For catching Pokemon false swipe. It does not get any higher than the usual sceptile. He was the Pokemon amazing to assist Darkrai that is beat from the league. Do not overlook that it is the king of the jungle and jungle battle. Learns night dip together with the movement coach. No wonder wins.
Seriously people? Sceptile is your best bud type. I started about the generation matches, and THIS pokemon was. So it retains a soft place in my heart, but that does not cloud my judgment by stating it is the best bud sort. I brought mine out of my diamond, and he is far better than ever with Leaf Storm, SolarBeam, Energy Ball, and Frenzy Plant.

2. Torterra


How several Pokemon seems as cool since Torterra and possess a tree does. Why it understand it ought to be, I don’t understand!
Torterra is fantastic because it beats the Sinnoh Pokemon and resembles a woods that is moving
It’s incredible moves and Higher hp
Torterra was my starter he’ll forever be in my heart as a part of my youth because it was enjoyable recking my brother using a turtle and once I played with Pokemon
What a complete component of a pokemon. It has a move set that is fantastic and seems calm. You are always going to be number one in my center.

3. Venusaur


The ideal Generation 1 newcomer. The two health clubs it’s super effective against. While Charmander is great against none, Squirtle is excellent against you. What Venusaur has over others is that the world that is over. Both water sections and the caves are full of water and stone sorts, making Venusaur good there along with the is full of not just water types but rock types. Plus, he’s only weak to 2 fitness center leaders together with the remainder having he resists the gym leaders.
You Do Not Mess with Venusaur! He can be the grass Pokemon bad-ass and is a wall! It controls respect by its looks Though it is a bit on the slow side!
Hey venusaur ought to be number 1 he is Bulbasaur’s evolution
Everything together with leech seed. Cool electricity system.


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