Top 3 Best Ghost Type Pokemon 1

Top 3 Best Ghost Type Pokemon

1. Gengar


Assault and speed, also THREE TYPE IMMUNITIES. He’s ghastly, and all haunter is much more amazing. And you have ta honor Gengar when he’s that crazed look on his head. Creepy, compelling, fresh, he is all you would want from a ghost type.
It includes got replaced with a body that was cursed, but that I love among my ghost kinds, Gengar, and is excellent.
Among mine! He is only a Boss! Not only is he among the, but it is also a humorous, pleasant, and chilled dude! I adored Gengar because I saw him struggle against Nidorino at the Preview of those matches & T.V. -Display!
Among the ghost, kinds are great in conflict and look great
The strike is 3 IMMUNITIES and your AWESOME! It is, and you can have a vast array of moves. You can teach it. This item is. Because it includes a form blend of Ghost/Poison, I can not appear to see anything terrible. That is precisely why this item is 1. Experts will pick this item. So this item is EPIC in many manners!

2. Chandelure


This pokemon performs tricks and flies round and may be confused for flamethrower along with one more chandelier, and darkness chunk are threats from matches and the franchise!
Only the most fantastic ghost kind ever cause I used one in my version and also my chandelier was just like the best pokemon in my group it consistently saves me at a pinch and using it’s first/second kind ghost and fire and its impressive high unique assault it’s just like the best combo so chandelier ought to be number one.
I am going to swing out of my chandelier.
Does not anybody understand the power of chandelier Alakazam is not unusual due to his first strike of 145 compared to him? I used him my two black teams, and he drifted through the side of benga. He’s got the best non-legendary single strike whatsoever. With moves such as electricity chunk to counter flamethrower and water sorts, shadow chunk and psychic will KO almost any Pokemon. Gengar is as high he deserves to be number.

3. Giratina


Giratina emerged in the movie matches Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, but gained prominence from the sport although Made by Ken Sugimori.
Well, let clarify Giratina’s power this manner: its smallest stat is 90.
Contemplating it had been dangerous to be routed into the distortion world while eternal and Mewtwo weren’t, I’d say it is the 2nd mythical following vital.
Gengar and chandelier are cool, but Giratina would ruin them.
Giratina is LEGENDARY… Giratina is your master of the inverse planet, and Giratina is more potent than Dialga and Palkia. so when we place Gengar and Giratina Giratina will mess in its fantasies

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