Top 3 Best Fortnite Battle Royale Players


1. Ninja


He’s all-around an Excellent player but Was screwed at All traps lol before so not by traps
Gets a casual 25 kill triumph
So great with his monster 20 kill wins and astonishing clutches, I’ve got 0 drops, so I’m in AWE of the Godlike abilities #1 Ninja
Fantastic precision, but maybe not the best participant

2. FaZe TFue

FaZe TFue
FaZe TFue

Voting into your streamer that is Twitch without prejudice, this man is the best player in the sport. He has optimized how he plays the game while his strategy could be controversial to some, wins every fight when he’s being defeated 4.
I figure all I could say is watch and sit back.
He stocks glitches that are fresh and wawallhacksFolks may believe I don’t, although he’s a hacker once I try them out and since he FINDS these glitches within the game, they operate, and I am not a hacker! He’s also a god in shooting and peeking. His precision is over 90 percent each shot he chooses! He’s an excellent all-round player and that he’s #1!
He will be the builder in the sport and has the goal of the Fortnite players

3. Daequan


The favorite streamer also the best and funny builder .
My streamer the finest with shotguns the man in the world
”he creates them compelling with his play fashion, and his sense of humor.
Greatest and complete. Only a Couple phrases I want to state” COME HERE, BOY.”


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