Top 3 Best Female Fronted Metal Bands 1

Top 3 Best Female Fronted Metal Bands

1. Nightwish


Nightwish is a symphonic metal band in Kitee, Finland.
Nightwish is excellent! With And with Anette Tarja. Of course most of us miss Tarja, but it doesn’t alter the simple fact that Anette could sing. Of course it’s a Nightwish however it’s still a Nightwish! I can not wait for there new record, that’s for sure!
Seriously? Evanescence? Get real. They are not even close to metal. At least Nightwish has several metallic elements so individuals consider these to be a metal ring, unlike Evanescence. And of course Nightwish is significantly more imaginative than Evanescence, even within their Origin era. (Although by no means am I saying Nightwish is the most inventive band on the market. ) There are numerous great female-fronted metallic bands on the market, but I slightly favor Nightwish over others because I think Tuomas Holopainen is among the best songwriters in this genre now (just my view ) and Nightwish is among the most”symphonic” symphonic metal bands I understand.
Also, in my view, people will need to stop fangirling over Evanescence when proclaiming they are the best thing because, to speak bluntly, NO ring is the best group ever.

2. Evanescence


She an excellent singer with lyrics that you are feeling in mind she is certainly the BEST!
This group has been underrated for quite a while. They’re exceptional and great. Each female ring should be proud of them because they started the street and so were almost crucified for getting success. Unique lyrics, psychological melodies… So that you do not think they’re mental? Listen to Understanding, Lacrymosa, Whisper, Weight of this planet, Haunted, Never return, Made Of Stone, In Death, Snow-white queen, Your star, all that I am alive For… Etc.. They’re awesome, such as real. There are bands, and I love a lot of them, however there is nothing like Evanescence. NOTHING.
Take it out of a massive fan of Evanescence: Not one of those songs you listed are metal songs. They are just alternate rock songs.

3. Arch Enemy

Arch Enemy
Arch Enemy

Arch Enemy is my favorite band, but this isn’t the sole reason I have voted them. As many have said, this is definitely the most METAL group of the ones listed. Nightwish are excellent, and I’d say they’re metal, but not in contrast to Nightwish. And personally, I do not believe Evanescence counts as alloy, just to mention both bands which are over Arch Enemy here.
Such as @skt, I’m not a large fan; I just like two songs of them (“Nemesis” and”Symphony of Destruction”), yet this woman deserves to be at the first location. She demonstrated that women and men can be in metal bands.
Yes, Arch Enemy is my own second-favorite ring (supporting Cannibal Corpse). Everyone misses Angela, but Alissa is awesome also. With Angela, Arch Enemy was quite rebellious and sort of had a feminist vibe for this, also with Alissa it’s more psychological. Both are amazing, even though I had to choose, I enjoy Angela better.

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