Top 3 Best EX Pokemon Cards


1. Mega Charizard Y EX

Mega Charizard Y EX
Mega Charizard Y EX

It is Great about 300 Harm but my Difficulty with it is That It does 50 damage to Itself
This card is loved by me. Some dude thought it could be kept by him once I attempted to exchange although I used to get it and I never got it back again. Lesson learned.
This is a card I bought it in English and Japanese as one.
For creating honor roll along with an ex although I’ve an ex my friends will be envious I am becoming Charizard y ex.

2. Zekrom EX

Zekrom EX
Zekrom EX

I believe Zekrom EX is amazing since he is quite strong and has a whole lot of health. He looks very cool. And what I like about him is he is among those EX card I have noticed. He’s among my favorites.
I got he’s among the best cards on the planet with glinting claw and volt .
I recall I am pretty certain zekrom full ex image is sexier although zekrom ex was among those ex
Zekrom does the same harm but does not do harm that is fifty.

3. White Kyurem EX

White Kyurem EX
White Kyurem EX

He is wonderful! I’ve White Kyurem Black Kyurem and Kyurem. His image is quite cool.
I mean quite a while back and I received this and he’s SO EPIC! I exchanged it for M Gengar EX and Deoxys EX but this was an error that was little.
Should you join Muscle Band to it this item could wreak havoc! 170 damage! 1 shot at Heracross EX!
Can perform 300 damage when gets got the crystal ruined counter 180 wellbeing that I have it and attached to it artwork


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