Top 3 Best Decades for Music


1. 1980s


I don’t understand what it is. However, the 80’s just had that magical as it came to music. The same may also be said about TV show and movies from this time as well. After the 90’s roster around. All of it dried up along with the 2000’s and 2010’s are just lifeless.
This is the best decade. I like every song from 1980 to 1989.
Everybody likes the diversity of music – some of the greatest artists and bands originated out of this past decade!
Lots of amazing Thrash Metal along with the Hip Hop. Also Great for both New Wave and Post Punk.

2. 1970s


I listed all of the best songs I ever heard and piled them by decade of release. 70s was undoubtedly the best. I think men and women who say the 80s do not recognize most of those great 80s songs were released in the 70s.
Plus it doesn’t matter what season that the band started. I believe that it should be the year that the songs were released if you categorize music through the decade or year. By way of example, Led Zeppelin started in the 60s but most of the songs/great songs were released in the 70s, so that I think they contributed over the years of the 70s. Same with lots of fantastic bands.
You’ve got such a list of distinct musical genres. This was such a transformative decade for music. I’d say the only time frame to possess such diverse music could be the eighties. Rock split into new genres out of popular progressive rock to the enthusiasm of classic and hard stone. Although disco gets a great deal due to its repetitive nature, disco music not just kick-started the today disturbingly simplistic digital and rap music industry, it was among the most inclusive genre of music since Jazz. A lot of individuals honestly forget this decade as a result of its shortage of music videos that the eighties had. It’d Authentic music that you can dance to. It was spectacular. Does that mean I’d like to stay in those times, not?

3. 1960s


I like music from across the decades and back to the 1800s, but 1965-75 made the most memorable pop songs. Early 60s was, unsophisticated and adolescent idol based – though there were exceptions. The mid to late 60s pop music evolved to various styles. Numerous hit songs were memorable because they have been singable, fresh and distinctive for those who made them hits. You will find crooners who might sing well, such as Englebert, Tom Jones, Andy Williams and Gary Puckett. The 70s saw a genre using soft, stone that was mature. The Carpenters and Bread had hits. From the mid-70s, disco and stone started to dominate. The diversity vanished and mainstream soda became boring and unmemorable. The 80s introduced techno hits. Gone were the actual instruments. Elton John got better and U2 made the most memorable
Who, The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, the Beatles and so many other pioneers in rock looked. Should be number one


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