Top 3 Best Dean Koontz Books


1. Watchers


This was my first Koontz novel. He writes about the relationship between people and dogs.
Velocity and intensity should be following watchers #2 and #3. The writer that is only better than Koontz is Stephen king and they’re neck n
A wonderful story of the corruption happening in today’s science industry.
This is my favorite book of all times”ever” I’m a huge James Patterson reader this is my favorite novel of all times I’m a huge James Patterson reader but that I just pass this book to my 11-year-old granddaughter I recall staying up until 3 AM because I couldn’t put this book down if you love a puppy or have loved a puppy this is a novel for you you’ll never look at a puppy the same again but a fantastic way!

2. Lightning


My personal favorite Koontz novel. I have read it and I’ve invited others in my family and they loved it as well
This is undoubtedly Koontz’s best publication. I’ve read this book 3 times, and it is always the book I recommend to anybody trying to start Koontz books.
The best book I’ve ever read. It is so unique and adorable
I adored this book. It is my newest favorite Koontz book and I’ve read quite a few!

3. Midnight


Stands out among excellent books.
Couldn’t put it down! Awesome!
My first Dean Koontz book, and undoubtedly the best. Its been my favorite book for a few years. I recommend all to read it.


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