Top 3 Best Companies to Prank Call

1. Papa John’s Pizza

Papa John's Pizza
Papa John’s Pizza

They Dropped for our Correspondence it was fun we Stated they asked for the Speech and we Needed ten pizzas
I called, and she said she had been forwarding the message
I attempted to get it done once I phoned I said I won’t be a job now and they I put on hold for just 3 mins and then I hung up since I thought they had been attempting to trace my telephone and that I was like I’m heading to jail for crap calling papa john
When I predicted this occurred
Worker – for the wait, how may I assist you?
Me – Um uh well I am not going to Have the Ability to come now to work I have diarrhea
Worker – Umm. What your name?
(That is not my actual name)
Worker – At A SASSY Voice* You understand I do not have your number, right?
Me – yes, Uh-huh
Worker – At A SASSY Voice* We do not have
Me *At A SASSY Voice* Nicely whatever Peace out woman!
I think she is going to call the cops lol.

2. Panda Express

Panda Express
Panda Express

Is that a train station for pandas? I have to do a prank phone and inquire.
Act state Ching Chong dongshuna they Ching chong honk Cong and like your Asian
Tell them,” Can it be true that you place PANDAS on your meals?”
We asked she explained and if they’d like pandas in their menu
Me: Would you have pandas in your menu
PE: haha

3. Walmart


Ask them about their basketballs price. When they react, state,” Wow, your balls are inexpensive!”
Request buttercream and state that my butts red as cherry will you assist
Ask them if they sell condoms
Have you got any walls?

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