Top 3 Best Code Geass Characters


Want to know top 3 best code Geass Characters? Today, we will introduce best code Geass. This is famous anime movies that make you smile. Do not skip this article.

1. Lelouch Lamperouge

Lelouch Lamperouge
Lelouch Lamperouge

Top 1 best code Geass Characters is Lelouch lamperouge. He is very handsome and strong.

Top comments about him:

– Lelouch is my favorite character of all time. I could not help but root for him Though I knew that a lot was incorrect. You see him grow from somebody who wants revenge and also to make the world better because of his sister to somebody ready to risk everything to get the planet and also to make it a much better place through the entire world and the men and women who have been on it did something for him. Lelouch sacrificed but got nothing. I’ve not cried over anyone. He explained some wonderful quotations and he’d some jaw-dropping items. Cares the least enjoys the most. He’s undoubtedly flawed although Lelouch is spectacular selfless and he is my hero.
– He’s endured for ten years. He had a right to do what he did and it was tried to meet with his little sister’s dream. And he did not even get to enjoy the results of his forfeit. The catastrophe that’s the life of Lelouch is.

2. C.C.


C.C is very pretty and sexy. We vote her top 2 of best Code Geass Characters

Some comments for her:

– C.C.’s name is not shared with the crowd, despite finally being heard by protagonist Lelouch Lamperouge.
– What a pizza woman was sort of a barbarous. She behaves like she does not care about something, but still reveals she cares about Lelouch.
– After all what she has been. I would like to mention C.C is the most effective female anime personality regarding both physically & emotionally. Torment and the pain of being murdered tens of thousands of occasions. She had been tortured to death by different procedures, she wasn’t loved by she had been used by Lelouch to some point, she wished to be adored just like authentic adored not obsession or forced. Which later just Lelouch know and managed to satisfy. Lelouch assisted her in several ways. Lelouch & C.C is your best boat of anime universe. Too poor I don’t know her name.
– Her personality development and her personality are her bond along with stunning with Lelouch
– CC is similar to a mystery. She gives as you see the series that the answers and are inconsistent. I wish she had been real.

3. Suzaku Kururugi

Suzaku Kururugi
Suzaku Kururugi

The last one is Suzaku Kururugi. He’s very handsome and powerful. All girl will love him.

Some comments about him:

– Their friendship was not ruined although I understand he was against Lelouch. He admitted the desire of Lelouch and forfeited. He’s buddy and Lelouch’s very first, as most of us know.
– What’s he doing in this listing, We’re talking about the BEST characters is not it… Why do we take care of an annoying personality like this man…I loathed from the very beginning of this Code Geass,… This man is will stink the buttocks of this Brittanians someday… He is just an idiotic puppy of Brittanians within this collection… Sorry for harsh words, however, that is man is so annoying
– He did a whole lot of things that are suspicious. But after you can not really blame him.
– I adored Suzaku character development that he began as an individual constantly trying to do exactly the ideal thing to needing only revenge on Lelouch (SPOILERS) for its princess ufimia event.

We hope that our information about top 3 best Code Geass Characters will help you. Thank you a lot.


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