Top 3 Best Cigarette Brands


1. Marlboro

Marlboro is my preferred brand. It’s not a new smoke, its a lifestyle. Truly the best that you can get in the regional shops or anywhere about yourself


Is it the best lifestyle” you can buy at neighbourhood shops or about yourself”? Wow. A life built around an advertisement picture, together with smoking the newest as the very precious element.
The best human innovation ever because of cars. Notably, Marlboro red soft packs you.
I am from western Sahara it is south of morocco, Marlboro it is the best here. I like it. I can not stop smoking it and that I do not need to stop smoking it.
I started smoking at age two, and three times I received my first package at four my uncle gave me once he took my virginity I started dragging my mother Once I got lung cancer and had been in the hospital today I am 8 and physician said I have two hours to reside

2. Camel

Camels are far better compared to Marlboro’s. I was just saying.


Best cig. This isn’t correct although most will state Marlboro is more powerful. Marlboro is harsher camel has a taste that is more pitch and smoking and also a way better.
Camels flavour burn everything and better. Marlboros burn irregular and quickly.
Brand, yellowish is undoubtedly the best in flavour, longevity although she runs smooth.

3. Pall Mall

Satisfies cigarette craving and the smoke

Pall Mall
Pall Mall

Burns slow and nice
I love the mall. They taste great and burn off slow; they are undoubtedly the best smokes. You receive a strike that is satisfying Even though em they burn.
I enjoy them and smoke between half to package a day.


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