Top 3 Best Call of Duty: Ghosts Weapons 1

Top 3 Best Call of Duty: Ghosts Weapons

1. Honey Badger

Honey Badger
Honey Badger

The silencer does NOTHING to the scope, and also the iron sights are adequate.
In Ghosts, there is a weapon that is silenced fatal. Together with the maps, an assault rifle does better. The Honey Badger is an assault rifle, that has a Silencer. This gives you space on your attachments and whatever floats your boat, to get a foregrip.
You would think since it’s silenced it’d be dreadful at scope, right… WRONG! This rifle includes a sense of selection and excellent iron sights. This rifle with that perk which enables you to have three attachments for your own gun (whatever it’s called), well you’ll have FOUR attachments together with the Honey Badger. Well, this is my argument for why he 300 AAC Honey Badger is my preferred gun in Call of Duty history, much greater than the ACR 6.8 out of MW3.

2. AK-12


The AK-12 is a weapon in each manner. A higher fire, and also low recoil damage rate. I urge it gun from Ghosts when I play I use this rifle.
This weapon though quite great is evidenced by the Remington and Hobey Badger that the AK-12 is a capable assault rifle has high harm and pleasant tidy iron sights and because the health system at Call of Duty Ghosts is very low this matter if used properly can melt folks.
That is then the 160 gun in sport
Gun usage silencer and fore grip

3. Remington R5

Remington R5
Remington R5

As it is accurate and powerful, the Remington R5 is excellent. Extended distance admissions even against snipers could be won using a Remington because it stable kills in 3 strikes, and when shooting. And if your concerned about the bigger mag capability, do not be. The damage per round constitutes for a ammo, and in addition to the flame speed that is reduced assists in limiting ammo intake. This weapon is useful when mastered, and so is greatest at the hands of people who favor dependable and accurate fire over prey and spray.
Currently, this rifle has its dis-advantages. It’s a weapon that is very long and is a lot easier to see by enemies if your round a corner or pay. Additionally the firing rate suggests that if you aim down landscapes and injure an opponent, then they could often can kill you using a firing weapon whenever their shots are also landed by them return. To prevent this from occurring you can use the FOCUS which help in flinch when taken. All
This is not my gun but outside of all of the firearms on this list I believe it’s by far the most deadly and accurate.
It’s the ideal weapon in Call of Duty ghosts because damage selection and precision and is the most flexible weapon in the sport!
This thing is great! 1 time I got 29 kills on attack domination it.

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