Top 3 Best Breaking Benjamin Songs 1

Top 3 Best Breaking Benjamin Songs

1. The Diary of Jane

The Diary of Jane
The Diary of Jane

This tune deserves the place from the listing,
Only an awesome song by dividing benjamin, which never gets bad.
I wonder what’s the significance of the tune.
Never mind.
This song ROCKS!
The best song of the decade in my view, it warrants BREAKING BENJAMIN NEVER STOP ROCKING THIS WORLD, the place
Finest song ever! When I heard this song, I fell in love with Breaking Benjamin and this tune.

2. Breath


This song is loud. The singing is fantastic, the music fantastic, the debut unforgettable (and very possibly Breaking Benjamin’s most beautiful), and it provides you the power to go and do everything you need and never worry what others may think. BB forever
Drum, bass, vocals, lyrics, and the guitar beat to blend in the final item, and this song is a superbly edited single and produced. It starts into a moody verse, with a tricky intro, then comes a loud chorus. Bragging yet meaningful lyrics in a connection, this is one of the decades than it’s ever had with a group that deserves a lot more credibility. Go BB!
This tune is among the very best hate-love theme EVER. I love it. Must be number one, no doubt about it!
Strong, perfect lyrics. Unbelievable. Only tricky. My favorite song

3. Give Me a Sign (Forever and Ever)

Give Me a Sign (Forever and Ever)
Give Me a Sign (Forever and Ever)

Best lyrics at nearly the close of the tune, the tune is very2 good. Also, it’s beautiful. It’s a song that is perfect. And that I like this song better.
A beautiful tune with some wonderful lyrics. This tune has some delightful rhymes. I believe this song is among the most fabulous theme for a song buff.
It is a song. Not merely due to the lyrics and the tune, I could feel Ben’s feelings when He had been at the situation losing his grandfather. There are several musicians now who leave behind the significance and sing for cash. The most important thing is the message and the inspiration that the musicians bring. Breaking Benjamin attracts the word. This tune brings feelings and inspiration into my life every time. It can make me cry, although I never experience somebody. Because this tune is living, It’s.
This type of first words.
Just the best

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