Top 3 Best Brands of Mountain Bikes 1

Top 3 Best Brands of Mountain Bikes

1. Giant


Giant Manufacturing Co. Ltd. is a secondhand bike maker that’s recognized as the world’s biggest bicycle manufacturer.
Excellent, but quite pricey once I grow up, I will get Glory DH, I vow!
I have a Giant Yukon comfy to care for and ride free.
I am sixty-five years old but enjoyed riding its very sturdy as a result of this ASEAN craftsman who assemble it, my Mtb.
The brand’s mountain bicycles are great because they give you extra traction and help you on hard Pieces.

2. Trek


After snapping the framework of a Cannondale then destroying the fork suspension onto a Giant, I took the help of my friend at Bicycles Unlimited. I gave Trek a try to which was seven decades back, and it is still going strong, using just altered the tires, brake pads, along with a brake cable. Trek is the best brand for me personally.
I am from the Philippines. I have a pleasant experience with these 2 brands that the technical both hardtail and trek. I have a professional that gives me a smooth ride. However, after using for 8days and 4mos, I detect that my body’s bottom component has. I planned to purchase a new one to replace my collection. I select just two brands, Bianchi and trek. I ask the person who owns the shop, which has fantastic quality. He explained that both the body have high quality. Bianchi is similar to your biking in the sand. While trek includes quality and a tremendous performance. I select trek 6500. And I don’t regret picking my trek I am using it for 22days and 2yrs.
Thank you trek bicycle business, you’re the most reputable business in the entire globe. Keep up the fantastic work guys.
Incidentally, I am 5’8,”, 23y. Male and O.
I’ve had four Treks much, and all of my relatives obtained some buddies, also got Treks. Beaten, roll accurate and roughed up, they take everything. Have a Marine Nail Course 29er, however much from Trek. Super public excellent bicycles that are great. Simple to fix and preserve.

3. Specialized


There is a reason that there were in the Olympics more 5!
Invested at a StumpJumper place countless kilometers on it, and it feels like every time I ride it. Thanks for creating a killer bike to Specialized.
I have a Demo 8 II, and there’s nothing – for Mtb -. You can’t comprehend the potential of the brand if you are a biker.
I have been on a technical because I was 7! The hot rock they crash while I was growing up and acting reckless and took all of the abuse, I eventually got that, and a suspension Stumpjumper’s when my riding took off! I thrashed my Stumpjumper from 7th grade for my freshman year at school! And nothing broke! Just kept going and going, controlling paths. That is when I understood that bicycles are bulletproof. Now I am on a Pitch specialist, and it’s the best bike I have been around, aside from the 2011 Enduro (attempting to get one shortly haha) My friends have Santa Cruz, Yeti, Giant, and Trek but my technical feels as it climbs and descends like a champ! They can’t keep;-RRB- Specialized up! There is a reason so many individuals enjoy them and have them. People who don’t like bicycles that were technical never possessed one.

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