Top 3 Best Blues Artists 1

Top 3 Best Blues Artists

1. Robert Johnson

Robert Johnson
Robert Johnson

His records in 1937 and 1936 exhibit a blend of guitar abilities singing, and ability which has influenced generations of musicians.
Simply the finest and most original blues artist of all time.
Sure there. However he was 30 decades ahead of the time! This man is a 1 guy orchestra.
A lot of people have been influenced by him, and artists have had strikes covering his songs.
I think him to be the Blues’ source.

2. B.B. King

B.B. King
B.B. King

I like this guy. He flirted with soda songs like”Into The Night””My Lucille” along with a couple of others that don’t spring to mind at this time, but he never strayed away from Blues; constantly adding his uniqueness, fantastic guitar, and vocals. He stayed loyal to this commitment he made for it. Can it be the best? Well, not THE very best but he belongs in a position on this listing.
B.B. King has been the four S’s… Soul, Skill, Style and he’s Smooth!
Man oh man I wish I’d have seen him live. Man oh man she done you wrong, bourbon n grin.

3. Howlin’ Wolf

Howlin' Wolf
Howlin’ Wolf

Scratchy and totally and profound full of personality. A significant inspiration to other types of music like rock and roll.
Finest voice for blues. Underrated and the blues singer in my view. Wolf had a Good Deal of emotion
fabulous voice!
Attempt to sing and play like him and you”ll discover why he’s the best

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