Top 3 Best Beatles Songs 1

Top 3 Best Beatles Songs

1. Hey Jude

Hey Jude
Hey Jude

I can not describe this tune; amazingly, it’s like explaining the taste of plain water; it’s tough.
The Beatles will always be with me my elegance -Peace and appreciate folks
Paul McCartney, you changed the way I look at life in the tune, so THANK YOU SO much, you mean much to me if we have never met… I adore you
This is merely, and you can not make it better!
If you do not understand the last title of Ringo, it is Star. (Star or Starr, I am unsure. )
This tune is so unhappy! Composed confessed.

2. A Day in the Life

A Day in the Life
A Day in the Life

Best song from Rock N’ Roll history’s Record
Decided to listen to it, but its nothing compared to Girls Revolution, Hey Jude. I don’t understand why it’s on two spots?
A masterpiece that may never be recreated. This tune rewrote the criteria of pop (and stone ) music and proceeded to show you the way complex The Beatles have been (which was released just in 1967! ). I was speechless when I heard this.
It’s telling what’s currently happening every day in our own lives
The powers of 2 gods converge at the moment in history. Mixing John’s words, which ponder the odd yet regular stories of accidents that are horrible together with Paul’s bent for writing tales the frequent person could relate to, to holes in the street. Seal up this with two mythical 24-bar buildups of all orchestra, and you’ve got the Beatles’ oeuvre’s apex.

3. Let It Be

Let It Be
Let It Be

Great masterpiece. Among the most rock tunes. It feeds my spirit.
I don’t understand why it is not # 1 it is intellect because into the life you have lost your way without religion & the embodiment of trust
They were not all atheists. George Harrison Paul McCartney wrote a hit has some religion, but he is not spiritual, as I understand making John the sole atheist, Ringo is spiritual.
That will stay, and is the best song I’ve ever heard.
So many Fantastic tunes by the Beatles but that will be my favorite

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