Top 3 Best Albums of All Time


1. Dark Side of the Moon – Pink Floyd

Dark Side of the Moon - Pink Floyd
Dark Side of the Moon – Pink Floyd

Getting: why the hell is she’s on this listing and Who is Sarah Geronimo.
A-ha: 80’s group that never produced a Fantastic record in their lifetime.’
That I think it’s clear that Dark Side of the Moon is a classic album, a real classic, that’s much superior to some other books on this listing.
A-ha’s records are fantastic! There is no need to diss records to describe why you believe the moon’s dark side would be the best.
This record was on the graphs for like 100 decades straight. It has got to be 1.
If there was?
Its nothing that is profound and seems fantastic like this. The songwriting has the record and significance as a whole feels as though it had been written with a goal then to make people dance but rather to make them believe. Its cash gets played IITs about greed
Just no. It is generic dull, and a lousy album all around. I like Thriller
The topics are the soundtrack to people’s lifestyles. I purchased the record hand on tape took it home, played with it and realised that I had heard all of it before with. I had been blown away by the legends that operate now. I’ve tried always to find ten years have gone. Did Roger Waters possess foresight in his age? Strangely, I seldom listen to the entire record anymore, but you can constantly find snippets to be noticed on the radio. Perhaps I know it.

2. Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band – The Beatles

Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band - The Beatles
Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band – The Beatles

Sgt. Pepper created an artistic statement in music which was NEVER considered artwork before. Language, MUSIC ITSELF consciousness and style changed after it’s release! Sgt. Pepper was a McCartney concept at which the Beatles took on a changing persona. In McCartney’s head, could”free” them from all”moulds” made by the group ahead… Lending particular objectivity and experimentation for their procedure. The outcome REMAINS a MASTERPIECE and WAS! The very first authentic” concept” record for sure! Beautiful, melodic, creative, challenging, edgy and GROUNDBREAKING! The Way The Beatles” like to turn you on”! … Funny side note: Did you understand that Meter Maids were NEVER known as Meter Maids before”Lovely Rita”?
This record is the one which changed than any other file. It almost created the word”art rock” and attracted rock to be admired. The invention on this record led to every album on this listing. If you wan na na hear Decent use an orchestra, then hear”A Day In The Life.” You will find some playing there. With no Sgt Pepper, rock as we know it would exist.
The audio can’t ever be replicated. Not even music engineers can determine how they created those sounds. Additionally, not only did it have crushes hits such as Sgt. Pepper’s, lucy in the sky with diamonds, also per day in life, but also other, busting songs. Every tune on this record was a masterpiece! And in 1 word, this record is incomparable’!
The BEATLES will be, and none are around precisely the same level!

3. Abbey Road – The Beatles

Abbey Road - The Beatles
Abbey Road – The Beatles

I can’t start to explain how this record is. It features the only drum alone of Ringo. Over the first half of other iconic Beatles songs like Come Along Something are showcased, along with possibly the very first progressive metal song, I would like You (She’s So Heavy). Oh and then there the superbly hummable Octopus’ Garden.
Come Here Comes the Sun many more classics on this record
This is My being that I like that everybody would despise, my favourite album. Also similar to that, one does not endure the test of time. This record is really. It flows flawlessly and is a lot more flexible and emotionally balanced compared to Sgt. Pepper. This record is perfect showing the Beatles are.
I believe Thriller Effects, Sgt Pepper, Dark Side and Zep IV have to be higher from importance but besides those that record is breathtaking. If the’You Never Give’ motif comes back before a guitar in Golden Slumbers to these horns it is absolute bliss. And of course that the members are on the very top of the game instrumentally with guitar work on Something the medley and Octopus’s Garden in particular vocals from Paul on Golden Slumbers and damn! Ringo and darling turn in his Beatles that are just drum. It is a record that is Fairly flawless, and I’d take it.


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